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Yes, Take a Break

Am I the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately? Things can move so fast sometimes and everywhere you look everyone is talking about constantly making progress. You know, the ones who claim to be #temnosleep. They hustle all the time, they’re always moving, travelling, at events. And you feel like you’re behind in the dust. I think this feeling happens to everyone at some point.

In my opinion, anyone with wisdom will tell you that this isn’t the way to live a full life. Today I’m just here to tell you that it’s totally okay to do absolutely nothing. For a week and a half my productivity was on zero. All I wanted to do was watch Netflix, cook, drink sweetened iced tea and read books. So that’s what I did. I felt guilty at first but then realized that I needed a mental break. And actually, some great ideas came to me when I wasn’t so immersed in doing a bunch of stuff. And now I’m refreshed, ready to move forward and tackle some goals.

Be intentional about taking time for YOU. Don’t live the rat race. Understand that when you’re living an authentic life, no one can steal your thunder or stop you from reaching your potential. A well needed break will not count against you, it will refresh you!

Are you the workaholic type? How do you take a break from “life”?

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