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Winter Boots for Large Calves

Because God made us like brick houses, but these shoe companies just weren’t ready…

Who doesn’t love a good boot? They can pull an entire outfit together and even make a heel more manageable. But in the past I’ve had to admire them from afar because I couldn’t find a cute pair that fit my legs to save my life. Since I was a little girl I’ve had larger than average calves. One of the ladies at my grandmother’s church still calls me her “big leg girl” even today. I hated my legs when I was growing up. I have what people refer to as “cankles.” I call them tree stumps :-.D Most kids look forward to PE in school but I dreaded it because I didn’t like wearing the uniform shorts. Fortunately I got over such feelings about my body as I got older.

There’s no hard evidence of an average calf circumference for women, but boots generally fit calves up to 14 inches. Uh yeah, that doesn’t work for me. The ONE time I was able to get my leg into a boot, I was feeling real good. They were off white with a nice heel and I was strutting. Until one of them split right down the seam. Fortunately I was able to return the boots, but lesson learned. I had to let it gooo, let it go! Can you relate?

But there’s good news! Over the years there have been more extended calf boots hitting the market and I’m pleased! I’ve gotten my hands on a few recently and…well, sharing is caring right? :-.)

Sperry Gosling Rain Boot
Winter_Boots_For_Big_Calves Winter_Boots_For_Big_Calves
I’d never owned a pair of rain boots because…well, you know why! But there was one week that it just would NOT stop raining. I figured I’d better start looking again and I’m so glad I did. I came across these and knew they had to be mine. What I like: they don’t look bulky like similar style boots, the plaid adds a softer touch, laces makes them adjustable for almost any calf. What I don’t like: if your feet are a bit chunky like mine, these might be uncomfortable on your Metatarsal which is the bone on the top of your foot, right over where your arch is. I counter this by wearing thin socks and not having the boots on for an extended period if irritated.

Nine West Allaniso Boots
What I like: This pair isn’t close up photo worthy (I’ve had them for awhile), but they have elastic. Problem solved! They’re also genuine leather so they still look and smell good. The low heel makes them comfortable to wear all day. This particular boot is a few years old, but Nine West has plenty of extended calf and elastic boots this season and some are on sale! Check them out here.

Michael Antonio Hesper-Sue Microfiber Thigh High Boot

My mother bought these for me a couple of years ago. So sexy, but I still haven’t worn them! Don’t tell her, she might get mad at me. They are not made for extended calf sizes so they only stretch to my knee. Get a pair today!

Khombu Snow Boot
Never had a pair of snow boots either, so I was excited for these. I bought them from TJ Maxx for $40. How ironic that when I finally get my hands on a pair, there’s no snow. Maybe it’s cold enough for them where you live. If so, get a similar pair here…

Michael Kors Webster Bootie
My dad’s ex wife gave me these (thanks girl!). Though I’m not into big name brands I do like this pair! What I like: As you see, they flare open at the top which is great for larger calves. And that scrunchy area stretches to fit my leg but still feels secure. I don’t wear these too often but I wanted to show that there is versatility in different brands if you shop around.

Lane Bryant Zipper Detail Riding Boot

I bought a pair of boots from Lane Bryant before and was disappointed. But they’ve stepped up the quality of their shoes over time so I decided to try again. What I like: They’re extended calf AND wide width, so my feet have the space that they need. The zipper detail adds some flair and they’re comfy. And I got them on sale for $30! Get your pair here.

Lane Bryant Stretch Boot with Lug Heel
I’ve read mixed reviews on these and I haven’t worn them yet so I can’t speak on the comfort of them. What I like: again, wide width and extended calf (standard for LB). They’re spacious enough for me to wear a thick pair of boot socks. What I don’t like: the quality looks and feels sub par. However, after savings I only paid $12 for them so I’m happy! Click here  to shop the collection of LB’s boots for this season.

Lane Bryant is currently running their semi annual sale. So if you need anything, this is the perfect time to get it. I love that full figured women are getting more recognition in the fashion industry. Because don’t get it twisted, we still SLAY, extra weight and all. Oh, and our thick calves look great in pumps. *hair flip*

Where do you find quality boots that fit? Share in the comments! Follow me on Instagram to see how I’ll style my boots!

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