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Why You Should Start Journaling Today

It’s probably no surprise to you that I write in a journal. I don’t use it everyday although it’s great practice to do so. It seems that a lot of people use journals when they’re young, especially in the preteen years; but then stray as they get older. It makes sense because as adolescents we have so much going on (physical/emotional development, confidence issues, being separated from childhood friends) and may not always have a person to talk to about those changes. At that point in our lives a journal feels “safe.” But then we get older, busy. Journaling isn’t just for the youngin’s. Here are a few reasons to get back into using a journal today.

The front of my journal has this quote by Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop & look around once in awhile you just might miss it.” You know how Facebook’s memory feature shows you something from the past and you see just how much you’re grown as a person? Your journal can serve that same purpose but more so for the personal issues that don’t belong online. It’s like a time capsule. I’ve never thrown any of my old journals away and every once in awhile I do go back in them to see the “old” Candace. Based on past entries I clearly needed a therapist years ago lol but thankfully I’m seeing one now!

Your entries don’t have to look like this:

Today I woke up for work late, then spilled coffee on my white pants and gave my boss the wrong agenda for a meeting. Worst day ever. Now I’m going to bed.

It helps to dig deeper when writing in your journal. Write about how you felt when something significant happened that day. This is especially helpful for people who have depression or personality disorders. Sometimes emotions can vary to the point that you don’t even remember what you felt. Be honest in your journal and if you don’t like the way something or someone made you feel it’s OK to address it.

Have you thought of a lucrative invention? Do you have an idea for a workshop or class that no one else has released?  A journal is a great place to jot these things down for safe keeping. I recently hit a point where I lost motivation with my business. So I pulled out my planner from 2015 and the journal that I was using at that time. In them were sooo many ideas that I’d forgotten about. Motivation restored!

…for when you die. Yup! I’m not trying to be gloomy but this is real. It’s too often that people die and the people they leave behind are stressed to the max trying to put pieces together while continuing to live their own lives. In a journal I have all my plans written out in case I should die before I get married or have children. Included is insurance information and how I want my funeral to be. Talking about stuff like this doesn’t weird me out – it’s real life!

Another take on this – if you were to go missing, your family/police might have better luck finding you if your entries give good insight on what’s been going on with you or what you’ve been doing. Ok – I might watch a lot of crime shows but this point is still relative.

Do you use a journal? How has it helped you? What’s one thing we would learn about you if we read one of your journal entries?

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  • KacheeTee

    Lol @ the last point. For now, I do keep a journal sort of. Helps me see growth, and write down ideas!
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    • Candace McGee

      Great! It’s so easy to keep it all in one place instead of scribbling little notes here and there.

    • Candace McGee

      Great! It’s so easy to keep it all in one place instead of scribbling little notes here and there.

  • Lexi

    There are boxes filled with journals from my childhood/teen years at my parents’ house—I can’t imagine all those years not writing in a journal. I haven’t regularly journaled in years (for the reasons you list… I tell myself I’m too busy), but you make excellent points to continue journaling as adults. Thanks for sharing, Candace!

    Lexi, Lex Be Livin’

    • Candace McGee

      You’re welcome Lexi! It’s a gret day to start journaling again :-.) lol

    • Candace McGee

      You’re welcome Lexi! It’s a gret day to start journaling again :-.) lol