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Why You Need a Pasta Pot

I’ve cooked more in the past four months than I have my whole adult life. Growing up, and even as a woman, my mom and grandma tried instilling in me how important it was for a woman to know how to cook. Eh, wasn’t my thing. But I started to fall in love with the kitchen last year. It happened organically and in my own way. Sine then I’ve learned of gadgets like the salad spinner – got one, not crazy about it. Seriously, send me your address, you can have it. I only used it once.

While in TJ Maxx one day I saw a “pasta pot.” Hmm. I picked up the purple one. $20! Nope, I put it back. Further down the aisle was an orange  one.

This changed things. $20 didn’t seem so bad anymore. Hey, I like orange. Unlike the salad spinner, I’m glad I bought this.

I didn’t like the process of making pasta when I helped my mom as a child. Boil, transfer to strainer and risk getting splashed by boiling hot water or burned burned by steam – no thank you.

The pasta pot changes the game. Don’t just take my word though. Of course I have pics, what did you think?!


Here, there is some steam coming from the pot but it’s shooting straight up instead of to the side like standard pots.


Draining the water without removing the lid. Yay! NO transfer, no mess.


Because the lid locks onto the pot, it stays put no matter how far you tilt.


And should you need to drain without the lid, there are spouts on both sides of the pot to make it easy.

This pot can be used for potatoes, vegetables or anything else that needs to be drained. And it’s easier for me to use that those other sets with multiple pieces. If you want one, shop using the link below.

What kitchen gadgets do you use to make tasty meals? Which is the one that you can’t live without?

Until next week…


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