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Why I Don’t Talk About My Love Life Online

It’s not just online but period. I don’t talk about my love life to anyone except my best friend. I’m just not that person. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see a problem with sharing a post about your boo on your page, video or blog. It’s just not my thing right now. Even when people come straight out and ask me about my romantic life, it’s rare that I give them the answer they’re looking for. Here’s why I don’t talk about my love life online.

I run a business. Outside of The Quirk Life, I own McGee Manuscript Group, which is a writing and editing firm that helps people increase effective communication with their audiences. Some of my clients follow me and even more importantly – potential clients. Because of that, I have a brand image to maintain through my social media presence.

My last relationship was dysfunctional. I’m not bashing my ex at all. He was a great guy, treated me well and we got along. But since we were so young when we met, there were a lot of stupid subliminal posts to each other when we were having a quarrel. I’m mature enough to not do that anymore, but I still prefer to not even touch that territory.

I’ll keep this one short. People are nosey and run their mouths too much. You already know how it is.

I’m busy making memories. I take a lot of pictures of the people I love. I even have recordings of crazy conversations and I listen to them later and laugh. I cherish those things so much. When I’m enjoying the people I love I don’t usually think “let me throw a caption on this and put it on Instagram.” I put it on my external hard drive and hold on to those times in my heart forever.

I’m waiting for a HUSBAND. And that’s the only person I want to post about online. When a man decides that I’m worthy of forever, he’ll be worthy of sharing in every area of my life including social networking. As the old saying goes, everything ain’t for everybody. Amen?

I’m not saying that I’ll never post about my love life again online. In fact, I know I will. But in the meantime, these are my reasons. I’d rather use my social networking accounts for blogging, business and building a community with YOU, my lovely readers and supporters.

Do you share intimate details of your life online or are you a private person like me?

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