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Why Homebodies Are Winning

I used to go out all the time in my early 20’s. Seriously ALL THE TIME. Hang out all night and still be at work by 8 AM – not a problem at all. Drive 3 hours just to party with my friends at their college – no biggie. I didn’t even buy groceries because I was on the go so much. Looking back on it I couldn’t even imagine living that way now. I never cared about the domestic side of life. Cook and clean? That was for my grandmother’s generation. I wanted to travel, dance, build memories with my friends, play in my makeup, get tattoos and get pierced. Glad I got all that out of my system!

Today I’m proud to be a homebody. I know we’re given the side eye a lot but let me just clarify that “homebody” doesn’t mean “boring.” We’re winning and here’s why…

You won’t catch us on the news. The shootout at the club. That person who got drunk and did something stupid in public. You won’t see our face/name involved. We were in the house minding our own business.

You’ll love to visit us. Because we make the home a castle. There are little things that only a homebody would understand and care about. Like that extra blanket on the couch for when you get chilly. Or the way we make sure furniture is cute and comfortable. As soon as you walk in you can’t help but take your shoes off and stay awhile.

We make time to tend to upkeep. No piles of clothes, no piles of trash, no stains. We prioritize our schedules to include time for making sure our castles are up to a certain standard. Yes, we will even turn down an invitation to something that sounds fun to make sure to make sure of this.

Oh my, what’s that lovely aroma?! Our castles never smell stale. Candles and plug in refills can go a long way. Maybe what you smell is the fresh pie we just baked. You never know what to expect when you walk in but your nose will always be happy.

Endless binge watching. Netflix/Amazon/Hulu/DVD’s, check. Popcorn, check. Nachos, check. We have enough visual entertainment to satisfy anyone who comes by.

We’ll blow you away when we step foot outside. We spend a lot of time in lounge clothes and basic jewelry like hoops or studs. BUT when we make plans to be out with civilization everyone will look twice. Is that Candace?! Why yes, it is. Don’t think we can’t dress, show off what our mama gave us and paint the face to perfection. We usually choose not to but it can and will be done if we want.

You’ll want to steal our cookware. But you’d better not! The kitchen is where some of us spend a lot of time. Cooking is one of the ways we show love. You won’t catch us with that cheap pot that peels horridly. Our dishes are of good quality and we take care of each piece so we can serve you good meals for years to come.

We welcome cabinet surfers. A cabinet surfer is a person who snacks constantly. They open all the cupboards to see what food is available and then they pick through them all. A cookie here, a couple of crackers there. Maybe some chips or a nut mix is more your style. We stock up on a variety of things so you’ll never leave our place hungry!

We save money. It’s easy to do when you don’t go many places. You know that feeling you get when you’re shopping for one item but all of a sudden you notice that everything is on sale and you just gotta have it? We know it well and that’s why we stay home.

We have something for every situation. Need to print something but don’t feel like going to the library? Come on over. If you don’t want to wait in line at the post office we can give you a stamp. You tore your shirt but it’s okay we have needle and thread. A metal stud fell off your purse? Here’s the super glue! Seriously we keep so much stuff that you can do just about anything when you come over.

So if you didn’t know that homebodies were some of the best friends you could have, now you do!

Do you prefer to hang out or stay at home?

Until next time….


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