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What’s Been Going On…

It’s been a little slow here at The Quirk Life for the last couple of weeks. Oh come on, don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed. It was the first time in awhile that I actually felt stressed. Here’s a brief recap:

-My grandma was admitted to the hospital. More on that in this post.
-I broke my phone
-I was surviving on minimal sleep
-I had to go to a funeral
-I had to turn down a writing contract that I was excited about
-My relocation plans were shifted into high gear (I’m in GA now! More on that in a post next week)
-I got behind in my work!!!

Okay I think that’s enough. As you see it was just one thing after another and regaining my focus seemed impossible. To be fair, a lot of good things happened too! Through everything there was one thing that kept playing through my mind. It pretty much settled my anxiousness and allowed me to give myself a mental break. I am not in control. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, this might sound familiar to you. It’s from this post. It’s pretty much my life mantra. At a certain point I had to stop being upset that things kept coming up and getting in the way of my plans. To keep from going insane there were a few things that I got in the groove of doing.

Focus on what you CAN control.
Don’t waste time.  Use any idle or spare time productively.
Keep a journal/planner handy. So you can keep track of everything that needs to get done once things slow down. When stressed, you probably won’t remember it all.
Remember what’s important. When I was in the hospital with my grandma, I had to make a choice. Was I going to try finding Wi-Fi in the hospital to do work, or was I going to focus on her & her health? The latter, of course.
Remember that life happens. Things go wrong and sometimes we have to just accept it and roll on the best way we can.

How about you? What practices do you use in keeping your sanity when things all around you are haywire?

Until next time…


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