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What to Do Before Getting Your First Blowout

I’ve been rocking natural hair since 2011. I did the “big chop” and haven’t even touched a relaxer since. As it grew longer, people kept telling me to get it pressed so they could see how long it really was. Even my hair stylist at the time asked me multiple times to let her do it. For me it wasn’t a big deal to have straight hair anymore. I’d had it as long as I could remember.

One time I did have a full sew in and left a piece of my hair out to blend. I was exercising 5 times a week and pressed that leave out piece after each workout so it would lay flat. Big mistake! Those pieces of hair never returned to my natural curling pattern again – ever. I had to wait for it to grow out and trim it off which took a couple of years.

With that in mind I was so nervous about getting my hair straightened. I LOVE my natural hair I don’t want it permanently straight. So many options – keratin treatment, silk press, Brazilian blowouts – I didn’t know where to begin and which technique to trust. I’d heard enough horror stories to avoid it altogether.

But I recently got the urge to do it so I could see just how long my hair had really gotten. I collected stylist info from three people and still didn’t make an appointment. Finally I found out there was a beauty school walking distance from my apartment. An associate said they were good and to try them. I took the leap and got my first blowout and press! Chile you couldn’t tell me nothing, I was swinging my hair around like there was no tomorrow. Here’s what I suggest doing if you’re considering the same…


1 – Get a recommendation. I wasn’t too sure about letting someone who was still in training do my hair but because someone I knew had been there before, I had a bit of faith.

2 – Check reviews. Everyone has them somewhere. Yelp, a website, Google, Facebook – somewhere! Read a lot of them. Remember there will always be some bad mixed in but what does the majority say? In my case the biggest complaint was the wait time at the school. Which leads to my next point…

3 – Make an appointment. I made mine for 9:30 and the place was packed even then. Without an appointment there’s no telling how long I would’ve had to wait. One reviewer I saw online said they had to wait for 3 hours. wow!


1 – Check brands. Some salons are dedicated to using a particular product line. Other places may not but there’s nothing wrong with it either practice. Just be sure that quality products are being used on your hair. You should be doing this regularly at home as well but it’s especially true when you’re planning to add heat to the mix. Take care of your stands girl!

2 – Go with the flow. Things don’t always go as planned but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. When I got to my hair appointment, the person who was supposed to do my hair didn’t show up. I wound up with a sweet girl who already had a lot of experience because her mom has a salon. Wow again! It worked out. So unless you’re feeling completely uncomfortable about something then yup, go with the flow baby!

3 – Look at other customers. What does their hair look like when they walk out the door? Good? Bad? Stiff? Greasy? Dry? You can take it a step further by chatting with patrons while they wait. Find out what their experience with the salon has been like. This can help you weed out the stylists who might not work best for your needs. And it’s really just good information.

4 – Don’t fear the scissors. I can’t believe how many women still walk around with split ends and dead hair for the sake of length. Let it go girl. I could preach on about healthy hair but I’ll spare you in this post. But a good cut or trim will definitely go a long way with a blowout/press. Those straggly ends will be a hot mess and not behave at all.

5 – Spend the money. My final tip is to not skimp on the cost of your hairstyle. I was expecting to spend around $80 for a good blowout and trim. When I got to the cashier after my hair was done my grand total was $12…$12 for a blowout, press and trim. What?! How?! Of course I left a very generous tip. I was blessed by finding the hair school but I was ready to spend more. The old saying “you get what you pay for” still has clout here.



Do you have natural hair? Nervous about trying a blowout? What’s your go to hairstyle?

Until next time…


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