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What Happens When You Start Seeing a Therapist

By now you probably know that I’m seeing a therapist. It’s one of the best decisions that I’ve made for myself. If you’re thinking about finding a therapist you might wonder if it’ll be worth it. The short version is AB-SO-FREAKING-LUTELY. OK – ‘yes’ is the shortest version. Here are some things that will happen once you get into the routine of seeing a therapist.

  1. You think before you act: are you impulsive? Does your anger take you from 0 to 100 in an instant? Do you find yourself tired from overextending (taking on too many obligations, always helping people out of binds)? Therapy will help you understand why you do these things and make you think before doing them. Hopefully that time you use to think things through will lead you to do the opposite of what you normally do.
  2. You’ll be more in tune with your emotions: whew this was a big one for me. I spent a lot of years pretending I was fine when I wasn’t. Being strong for people who weren’t as tough as me mentally. I made it seem like things weren’t bothering me when they were. Does this sound like you? Therapy can address this. Knowing what you feel even if you aren’t fully sure why you feel them is a part of a healthy well-being. We’re not much good to other people when we’re emotionally constipated.
  3. You’ll learn your triggers: and how to keep them at bay. For example – when someone commits to being celibate they probably won’t have someone they’re attracted to at their house late at night. The same concept can be applied here. Whatever the issues are that you want to overcome, there are people places and things that you’ll have to avoid for a time.
  4. You’ll learn to take better care of yourself: I enjoy going to therapy and talking to my therapist about what’s going on with me but I also have to accept homework assignments. Sometimes I have to do things like journal my feelings, eat healthy meals throughout the day and polish my nails. These things might not seem like much to an outsider looking in but these are “self-care” tasks. Being in therapy will show you ways that you’re neglecting to care for your entire being.
  5. You gain a trusted confidant: one who will be honest with you and never tell anyone about what you two talk about (unless you’re considering harming yourself or someone else). They don’t judge and always remain objective in helping you get better rather than tell you something based off of emotions. I can’t tell you how much of a relief this is!
  6. You’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner: That moment when you get your first professional massage. That moment when Bae rubs your scalp. That moment when you take your bra off after the longest day ever. That’s the kind of relief that comes with good and effective therapy.

Having therapy sessions is kind of like any other kind of relationship – you get back what you put in. So basically if you want it to work you have to work it. If you want these positive changes then you must be willing to follow the instruction of your therapist. This is assuming that you’re in agreement with the treatment idea and you trust your therapist. You must be open to the idea that positive change can and will happen in your life now and in the future as long as you’re committed to yourself. And why wouldn’t you be? You’re a great catch. *wink*

Do you think there are any negatives to seeing a therapist?

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