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Weekend Pick Me Ups

Friday is generally looked at as a good day. The weekend has arrived! But for some people the stress of life doesn’t stop on a particular day of the week. If you could use a pick me up this weekend or anytime here are some ways to get it.

  • Pray
  • Get a manicure/pedicure
  • Turn on some music
  • Dance. With or without music!
  • Watch a comedy movie
  • Open the blinds and let some sun in
  • Exercise
  • Light a scented candle and sniff
  • Enjoy a meal that you love
  • Color in a coloring book. Oh yes, I’m so serious.
  • Take a nap. Sometimes your mind and body just need a break.
  • Call someone who can always make you laugh
  • Check out these posts. “10 Things That Happen When You Turn 25” and “I Can’t Date You Because I Hate the Way You Type” They should give you a chuckle at least.

Let’s keep it real. Life just gets heavy sometimes. But don’t let circumstances keep you down. Get yourself together and rise!

How do you turn your frown upside down on bad days?

Until next time…



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