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Time for a Change…

I’ve been needing a change in my life. Something drastic and totally uncomfortable.

A year ago I figured out what that “thing” was. I knew I’d make it happen but wasn’t clear on how. I’m always open to giving advice to people when needed. But on the contrary, when it comes to my own dealings I’m extremely private.

But then I started this blog. And in a short time I’ve found that it’s helped people. I get messages about how much you all love my content or how a certain post was helpful. This made me realize that I need to come out of myself sometimes and share.

So today I’m exiting the comfort zone to share some exciting news with you!

Guess, guess, guess!

Guess again…

And again…

Give up?

I’ve decided to relocate. I was born and raised in the DMV (Washington DC Metropolitan area). I love this place, but it’s time for me to move forward with my dreams. Though I have been wanting to do this for some time, it took a while to get my ducks lined in a row. I’m moving away from everything that I know and all the people that I love the most. Yikes!

Atlanta, GA will be my new home. Here’s why that’s a little scary:

-I have no family there
-I have no friends there
-I have no traditional  job there
-I have no permanent place to live

…okay maybe a lot scary. But I’m doing it. I’m freefalling and praying that the parachute opens just in time.


A cute travel envelope I found at TJ Maxx

To my friends and family that I’m leaving behind, thank you. Thank you for not only putting up with me but enriching my life in the ways that only loved ones can do. I’ve been overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions this month.

Happy. Nostalgic. Worried. Anxious. Impatient. Somber. Lazy. Unmotivated. Excited. Optimistic.

And then I settled into a different kind of emotion. I am at peace.


So no, today’s post isn’t about anything incredibly productive, funny or life changing – I’ll try making up for that with next week’s post.

But I really wanted to share something personal with you. Because that’s what this blog is about – connecting with people. And I can’t do that without being transparent. We’re family – even if only digitally, but that counts for something.

I’ll be blogging along the way so stay tuned!

Are you from the Atlanta area? Have you relocated at any point in your life? If so, I’d love some of your advice. Fire away in the comments or email me!

Remember to follow me on Instagram & Twitter to see what I’m up to between posts!

Until next week…
The Quirk Life Blog


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