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That Time I Was a Cat Owner

“I hate cats.”

I’ve been saying that pretty much forever. I wasn’t allowed to have pets growing up (outside of a boring Beta which died quickly) and since being an adult all I’ve ever had are rabbits. After moving to Georgia I toyed around with the thought of having a dog. More for companionship than anything. Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility that I wasn’t totally ready for. So I put the idea out of my mind at least temporarily.

In comes this text from my little cousin…

“Hey can I ask you for a favor?”

Maybe she needs a ride somewhere. She probably needs me to look up something online for her. Or she’s hanging out in my area and needs to crash at my place for the night. I would’ve been totally fine with doing either of those, ya know – FOE, right?

But she wanted none of those things. She asked me to keep her new adopted kitten at my place until her new apartment was ready. Bomb #1. My response?

“Omg I hate cats are you sure you only need a week?”

Lmao hey now don’t judge me! I told her I’d suck it up and keep the kitty. It was getting late so I asked my cousin if she could bring the kitten over in the morning. Down comes bomb #2…she needed to drop the kitten off that night. LAWD!



No chill from the beginning

Cats are solitary animals. This should be easy, I thought. We’ll stay out of each other’s way and I’ll scoop the poop and make sure she has food/water. So simple.

BOY WAS I WRONG. This cat was clingy AF (as the youngins say now).


Kitty couch – yet another “perk” of big boobs

She purred non stop. It was like she had a motor in her throat. I was forced to let her sleep in the bed with me. She always had to be uncomfortably close – on my pillow or curled up against a love handle. Why does she need so much contact?! That’s actually a question that people have asked about me lol oh Karma. I put her on the floor and she climbed right back up and curled into a ball on my pillow. When I closed her in the bathroom she whined loud and consistently. I could’ve slept through that but I felt bad. I was actually starting to care about the darn thing. I finally fell asleep and woke up to this…


She followed me everywhere and it was annoying at first. But then I got comfortable with it. When I didn’t feel good and stayed in bed longer than usual she was right there with me. “Go eat I know you’re hungry,” I told her. Oh yes I even started talking to her as if she was human (and she understood). But she stayed in bed until I got up. She seemed to know when I was feeling upset and would come to me. She started getting used to my schedule and didn’t cry when I left the house. I was actually…starting…to love the thing. She was still annoying (running behind the dishwasher, scratching at my couch and other decor, meowing whenever she didn’t know where I was), but we learned to coexist.


She kept climbing in my work chair against my direction. So I turned it into a bed for her naps & did my work somewhere else. Yeah she ran this house…


You’re going to be so sad when that cat leaves, my friend said to me.
After she’s gone you’re going to get one. Tempting considering the shelter was doing free adoptions at the time.

She was even fun to mess with. It was hilarious to see her jump when the blender, microwave or vacuum were powered on. I took endless photos and captured videos of the smallest thing. I wanted her to go home because she was getting on my nerves but I knew I might miss her. Is this what it feels like to have a child?

Here are a few things that I couldn’t do in peace as long as I was pet sitting.


Enjoy a bowl of cereal


Relax on the floor alone


Stand in my hallway


Do the dishes

Charge my phone

Charge my phone




Eat popcorn. I’m moving her paw from the bag here.


Clean the bathroom

Soon after that last pic, the curious cat dipped her paw into my toilet bowl and the cleaning solution I use has BLEACH in it. Then the crazy girl licked the paw! I cried! I thought she was going to die! Dramatic much? I cleaned her up good and she was fine.

I couldn’t poop in peace either, but I’ll spare you from that visual. Anyway the time came for her to go home – and I didn’t miss her! At first. A week later as I was cleaning photos from my phone I saw all the moments I captured with her and it hit me.  I missed the damn cat! Even after all the times I cursed and yelled at her for being crazy…she meant something to me. Thankfully that was a short lived moment.

What I took from this situation…
I don’t hate cats anymore. I guess I just dislike most of them now.
I’m not ready for a pet.
Making a sacrifice for someone you love can turn out to be a good experience.
Never say never. I thought I’d never meet a cat I liked, but look at me now!

What’s the point of this post? Hell, I don’t know. Just another personal story to share with you guys. Like that time I kicked out the vacuum salesman or when I scared the man in the parking lot. There’s rarely a dull moment. Ha!

Do you like cats? If not, why? Did you have a bad experience with one?

Until next time…


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