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That Time I Turned Down a Business Partnership

Recently, a popular clothing company reached out to me. They wanted to send me tailored clothes for FREE and all they wanted in return was for me to write a blog post about it. Yes, you read that correctly! Every fashionista’s dream, right?

Two things: 1 – I’m not a fashionista. 2 – I turned the opportunity down. Let me tell you why and how the lesson I learned could be applied to your life.

The company rep I communicated with (let’s just call her Tammy) sent me a special link to their website and told me to pick whatever I wanted, then, submit my measurements and wait for my fabulous package. Tammy said that she was doing this with numerous bloggers. It was nice to be recognized by a respected company that was growing  in popularity among my peers. I was about ready to agree on the partnership and order the clothing I wanted.

And then, I decided to do some research.

Tammy told me that my blog post would be highlighted on the company’s website and Facebook page. Sweet! That’s exposure for The Quirk Life to thousands of people. Only problem…there were no bloggers featured on their site at all. Another problem – the features on Facebook were inconsistent or missing links. So I emailed Tammy and asked for a guarantee that my blog post would be posted properly on the businesses outlets. And you know what…

I never got a response.

I learned an important lesson on the value of my blog and the overall influence that I have. Tammy knew that my blog post would spread the word about her company to many people and possibly bring in multiple sales. And all I was going to get in return was one item of clothing. The fact that she didn’t respond to my email told me something.

She wasn’t willing to give me what my blog was worth.

Even if you don’t have a blog, you can probably relate. Sometimes people just don’t appreciate your complete package, whether it’s business or just life. The key is to know your own worth before anyone else can see it. There will always be somebody giving you reason to believe that you aren’t good enough. There are times when that person might even be you. But if you want your career, blog or even your confidence to soar – you have to take risks. For me, a risk was turning down a chance to work with an established company. And I don’t regret it at all. Because I’m passionate about my writing and I know that I’m an asset. Any business that isn’t willing to acknowledge that…well, we just won’t be working together.

Has anyone ever tried to “water down” your worth? If so, how’d you deal with it?

Until next time…


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