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Planning Your First Trip with a Guy

So the story goes…I was feeling overwhelmed. It had been over a year since I took a vacation.I started making silly mistakes with my work and feeling like I would cuss someone out over the simplest infraction. Yikes! Well, it turns out this guy I’ve been dating (we’ll call him ViC) was in need of a getaway too!

I’ve only been seeing ViC for a few months but we both agreed that we knew each other well enough to the point that it wouldn’t be “weird” to travel together. I was pleased to handle all the logistics! Neither of us had ever gone out of town with a romantic interest so so here’s what I did to make sure that we had a good experience. Continue Reading


Packing for a Trip: 5 Things

The Northeast was hit with a crazy amount of snow over the weekend and quite frankly I’m jealous! I love the snow, but gave it up when I moved to GA. The winter weather might have you wanting to pack a bag and get out of town in a flash! Here are some tips that you can put to use…you know, once the snow is clear enough for you to leave the house. Continue Reading

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Road Trip Must Haves

Last week I made my longest solo road trip ever. I drove from Maryland to Georgia and only made two stops along the way. One to use the restroom and the other to top off my tank. It was a surprise to people that I’d pulled off an 11 hour trip with minimal stops.

“Girl, you be rolling, don’t you?” That’s what one of my grandmothers asked.

I wasn’t surprised though, because I’d prepared myself for the drive with two goals in mind: Continue Reading

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May Mini Haul: My 4 Favorites (Where are the bargains?!)

Since it’s the end of May I thought that it would be a cool idea to share my favorite purchases of the month. FYI – I generally hate shopping, specifically for clothes. People get bug eyes whenever I say that and just last week a man told me that I was the first woman that he ever heard say that. He just couldn’t believe his ears.

Still, I had to do some shopping this month for a trip that I took to San Antonio, Texas. Along the way I picked up some really cute things that actually sort of kind of make me want to shop more often. Yikes! This post will feature a few of the purchases that I loved the most. I will also share which places had great prices. Let’s get this party started! Continue Reading