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I’m Going to Be on TV!

I’m a star ya’ll!

OK not exactly but maybe one day? When Wendy Williams was fresh on the TV scene I was in her studio audience. I was even in one of her commercials for the show! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures from my moment of fame back then.

But alas, my time has again come!

There’s a brand new show airing this month on the Food Network called The Baker Sisters. Earlier this year they came to Atlanta to film an episode at Cami Cakes Cupcakes and I was in the building! I had sooooo much fun and the show’s crew was very professional about everything. I wasn’t able to get many photos because of the rules on set but it was a day to remember. And I got to eat a bunch of cupcakes for FREE?! Can you say “dream job?!” Continue Reading

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Lessons From A Different World

Confession: before last month, I’d never watched A Different World. Go ahead, take away my Black Card. It’s been revoked on occasion before. When I was young the show wasn’t syndicated yet. I remember seeing a couple of episodes as I got older. But all I could remember is that Dwayne Wayne wound up with this crazy chick named Whitley Gilbert, Sinbad was in it and Mr. Gaines ran a restaurant at the college (yes, the college, I didn’t even know the name of the school). Because I’m not a big TV watcher, I didn’t place any importance on watching this or any other show.

Enter this guy who started calling me “Freddie.” Yeah, that might’ve been a cute way to flirt if I actually knew who the hell Freddie was. Since I suffer from mild narcissism, I decided to start watching the show on Netflix from the first season because this Freddie chick just had to be awesome. I was beginning to lose my patience because she doesn’t show up until the second season, but that’s not the point of this post… Continue Reading