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Home Buying as a Single Woman

The first quarter of a new year is a time for life evaluation and planning. Right now, I’m hearing that a lot of people have dreams of home ownership. I’m proud to be able to say that I’ve checked that milestone off of my goal list!

I never thought I’d purchase a home 100% on my own, yet here I am. Some parts of the process were smoother than I imagined. Others…whew chile! Continue Reading

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Why It’s Good to be Single at a Wedding

I’ve read many blogs about why it sucks to be single during wedding season. Oh, but today’s post is on the contrary! Being single at weddings comes with perks of its own.

You don’t have to deal with that awkward “are you two next?” conversation. What if you’ve only been dating for a couple of months? What if you two aren’t dating at all and they just came to make you look good? No one knows or cares. You’ll be questioned anyway. Continue Reading