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11 Hacks to Look Like a Better Friend

Cool fact – I submitted this to Buzz Feed because I was interested in writing for them. I wasn’t selected, but I still had fun coming up with these so I’m sharing with you!

Being a good friend is a lot of work. So why not cheat a little? Here are some ways to look like a superhero friend without overexerting. Continue Reading

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Why I Don’t Talk About My Love Life Online

It’s not just online but period. I don’t talk about my love life to anyone except my best friend. I’m just not that person. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t see a problem with sharing a post about your boo on your page, video or blog. It’s just not my thing right now. Even when people come straight out and ask me about my romantic life, it’s rare that I give them the answer they’re looking for. Here’s why I don’t talk about my love life online. Continue Reading

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Dating vs. a Relationship

It’s that time – Valentine’s Day is coming up and you can’t avoid it, advertisements are everywhere! Lately there’s been a great resurgence on my timeline of memes about heartbreak. You know the ones. They go something like this…


Photo via Tumblr

And then they get even more somber. He cheated, he pretended that he cared when he really didn’t, he didn’t know “how” to love her. It’s usually the same folks that post these kinds of things and we all notice the patterns.

“Relationships” is such a touchy subject. Us women people get so emotional at times when it can sometimes be very simple. And it seems that one of the simple overlooked things is thinking you’re in a relationship when you really aren’t. Continue Reading

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Winter “Date Night” Ideas

Heyyy love birds! Yesterday was officially the first day of Winter – already. OMG 2016 is basically here and I’m not ready!

Okay, enough whining…

I gave you Summer Date Night Ideas earlier this year and it was a hit! Well, here we go again. Winter gets it bad. Everyone is all excited for Fall: dark lippies, layers and PSL’s – oh my! But then we just want to spring into Spring. Ha, see what I did there? But there’s still plenty to do during this time of the year, especially if you live in a well populated area. Don’t let your sizzle fizzle (I’m on a roll here) just because it’s cold out. Continue Reading

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Summer “Date Night” Ideas

OK, I admit it – deep down I am totally a hopeless romantic. I love out of this world gestures and movie scenes that make you go“well, that never happens in real life.” Even with my rose colored lenses, I know that sometimes life gets in the way and leaves us no energy to think of giving flowers or massages after dinner. The good news is, romance doesn’t always have to be about the fluff.

With life’s busyness, many couples have incorporated “date nights” into their schedules. They are a good way to have uninterrupted one on one time & reinforce a bond. A typical dinner & movie is sooo last year! Here are eight ideas to give date night with your honey a jump start! Continue Reading