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Safety Tips & Fitness Update

It’s already the second week of August. Lord, where has the time gone?! For those that reached out to me after last week’s post, I’m coming for you! Hopefully you’re eating well and getting exercise so far this month.

Today I want to share some simple safety things to keep in mind while you’re getting you sweat on. And I’ll update you about my progress so far this month. Music is pivotal to my life; so of course I listen to it when I work out. Still there are precautions to take to prevent a trip to the hospital. Continue Reading

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My End of Summer Snatchback

Uh oh, I’m late! It was supposed to be here by now!

My summer body that is! Jeez, what did you think I was talking about?

Same thing happened last year. And the year before that. When it comes to eating healthy and exercising, I’m either doing great or I’m doing terribly. There’s not much grey area for me. I’ve been getting back into healthier habits for a few weeks, but decided that it’s time to turn up the heat.

So I am making a conscious effort to get myself in better shape by the end of this month. And here is how I plan to do it… Continue Reading