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Yes, Take a Break

Am I the only one feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately? Things can move so fast sometimes and everywhere you look everyone is talking about constantly making progress. You know, the ones who claim to be #temnosleep. They hustle all the time, they’re always moving, travelling, at events. And you feel like you’re behind in the dust. I think this feeling happens to everyone at some point. Continue Reading

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Get All the Things Done! 1 Productivity Tip

We’re friends, right? That’s why I love sharing with you!

“There just aren’t enough hours in the day.” It’s a saying that we all know and understand. A lot of us (ME) create lifestyles that keep us super busy and it can be hard to keep up with it all. If you can relate, give me an “Amen, sista!”  Today I wanted to give you just one tip that WILL increase your productivity if you use it. Continue Reading

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One Ingredient to Success

When I matured, I realized that being successful means different things to different people. Everyone doesn’t want a family or a mansion or even a boatload of money. I’ve met people who are content travelling the world and working minimally just to survive.

Once you decide what success looks like for your life, people will offer you all kinds of advice. Take seminars, pray, go to college, invest in the stock market – any of this sounding familiar to you? Oh, and don’t you just love it when someone who has never prospered at anything tries to tell you what to do? Yeah, me too. Continue Reading

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What’s Been Going On…

It’s been a little slow here at The Quirk Life for the last couple of weeks. Oh come on, don’t pretend like you haven’t noticed. It was the first time in awhile that I actually felt stressed. Here’s a brief recap:

-My grandma was admitted to the hospital. More on that in this post.
-I broke my phone
-I was surviving on minimal sleep
-I had to go to a funeral
-I had to turn down a writing contract that I was excited about
-My relocation plans were shifted into high gear (I’m in GA now! More on that in a post next week)
-I got behind in my work!!! Continue Reading

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4 Ways Your Productivity is Really Procrastination

Most people don’t know that I’m a recovering addict. For years I let this addiction stop me from progressing in life. I missed important events, deadlines and even the chance to see someone for the final time before they passed away. It took a long time for me to realize how massive my addiction had become and actually build the strength to do something about it. While I’m not completely out of the woods, I appreciate my progress. I am no longer prey… Continue Reading