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Gift Ideas for the Homebody

If you’re at all like me, you start thinking about gift ideas long before it’s time to even pass them out – no matter the occasion. Christmas will be here in a jiffy! I’ve already explained before why us homebodies are so awesome to have as friends/family. If you want to get us them something meaningful this holiday season, the good news is that we’re usually easy to please in the gift department. Keep in mind that homebodies just love making a house into a home. It’s a place of refuge and rejuvenation for us and for anyone who visits. Continue Reading

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4 Ways to be Less Selfish

Selfish: concerned chiefly or excessively with one’s own interest and advantage, especially to the point of total exclusion of the interests and welfare of others

It seems that people hate it when you call them selfish – even if they really are. So I’m not going to call you that today my friend. But you’re reading this post for a reason. Maybe you know someone who could use these tips. If so, please share it with them! Because of course YOU don’t need them at all! :-.) Continue Reading

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That Time I Was a Cat Owner

“I hate cats.”

I’ve been saying that pretty much forever. I wasn’t allowed to have pets growing up (outside of a boring Beta which died quickly) and since being an adult all I’ve ever had are rabbits. After moving to Georgia I toyed around with the thought of having a dog. More for companionship than anything. Owning a dog comes with a lot of responsibility that I wasn’t totally ready for. So I put the idea out of my mind at least temporarily.

In comes this text from my little cousin… Continue Reading


My Christmas Miracle

“I won’t be coming home for Christmas.”

That’s pretty much what I repeated to all of my family members, and it sucked. I was pretty much set to be in my new home (Georgia) instead of Maryland when Santa was making his rounds. Sad face emoji’s kept coming across my screen as I texted out the unfortunate news. The bottom line was that I had a work obligation on Christmas Eve and it would’ve been too late to make the 9 hour drive after I was finished. And of course, plane tickets were crazy expensive.

So I jokingly kept saying that I was hoping for a Christmas miracle so that I could go home. But I really didn’t expect anything to happen, honestly. Again, joking – haha. Continue Reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner for One

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Well, that was fast. As you may know, I moved into my GA apartment last week. So this will be the first time that I’m not enjoying the holiday in the midst of my family members and friends. I have conflicting emotions about this! I’m sure I’ll miss my family tomorrow, but it’s empowering in a way to be all on my own and starting my own traditions in my new home. Continue Reading