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Why You Should Switch to Deodorant Today

Lawd I remember going through puberty. And when it came to my underarms I defaulted to the name brand “deodorant” that my mother used. Over time I learned that the stuff I wore wasn’t deodorant at all – it was an antiperspirant. The terms are used interchangeably but they’re not the same at all. Overall I’ve slowly incorporated a more natural lifestyle and it doesn’t stop at eating healthy and exercising. The things we put ON our skin matters as well since it’ll still be absorbed into our bodies. So I started using “all natural” deodorants.

I tried 3 different brands and here’s what happened…

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Love or Hate: Ms. Tiara Dean Product Review

Ladies, we all know that creating a flawless hairstyle takes a bit of work. My natural hair journey has been full of struggles, but one thing I’ve learned is that your styling products can make all the difference.

Today I’m presenting you Ms. Tiara Dean products. They sent me some samples of their whipped hair and body butters to try out. And ladies, you know how we spread the good word when we really like something (and even when we don’t)! Continue Reading

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The Body Shop Collaboration

Who doesn’t like to smell good? Exactly, nobody! I’ve been needing to stock up on some new scents but kept putting that off (nothing new there!).

And then something wonderful happened! I received an invitation to partner with It’s My Hair! Magazine and The Body Shop at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. The store was celebrating their grand reopening on Saturday and the place looked great. And they had perfect selfie lighting throughout the store so everyone took plenty of pics. Continue Reading

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Summer Staples to Remain Flawless

The summertime is jam-packed with activities. Baby showers, the beach, grilled food, hikes in the mountains, camping in the woods – need I go on? In the midst of enjoying all that the season has to offer we sometimes get careless with our beauty regimens. Don’t fret! I’m here to make a few recommendations. Continue Reading