Survey Results – What You Had to Say

Thank you to everyone that took my survey last week! I love getting feedback from my supporters. I write each blog post with YOU in mind so having your input helps me a ton. OK so let’s get right into what you all had to say…

It turns out that over 60% of my readers know me personally. I expected to see this trend in the survey.
Half of you come to the blog every time I write a new post. That’s big! It tells me that you value my posts enough to read just about everything that  write. Awww how sweet of you! OK now on to the nitty gritty and the real reason I created the survey – the more in depth answers.

What would you like to see MORE of on The Quirk Life?
This was a multiple choice question so people were able to pick as many answers as they wanted. It turns out that over 80% of you want to see more posts on dating and relationships. This was very surprising to me. I haven’t written too many posts on this subject but I guess ya’ll are nosey and want to see more liked the ones I’ve done in the past. I hear ya! Half of you would like to see more posts on health and wellness issues. This is a new topic as I’ve recently decided to deal with some personal issues. It’s good to know that this subject is important to you! There was a 33% tie among communication tips, personal stories, business/career tips and plus size women issues.

How do you find out about new blog posts on The Quirk Life?
100% of the people who took the survey find out about my new posts on Facebook. For any aspiring bloggers this just reiterates how important it is to promote yourself and establish a social media presence. 50% of survey respondents said they also found out about new posts on Instagram.

What keeps you coming back to The Quirk Life?
Another multiple choice. Over 80% of you said that you loved the range of topics on the blog. I know a lot of blogs have a niche but that’s just not my thing. It’s great to know that my readers appreciate different topics as much as I enjoy writing them.  Over 60% come back because you know me personally (heyyyyy) and half of you come because you learn something new or get a good laugh from my posts.

Overall this survey was rewarding for me. Now instead of me guessing I actually have an idea of what you want to see more of on this blog. I’ve heard your cry and I won’t disappoint.

Until next time…


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