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Summer Staples to Remain Flawless

The summertime is jam-packed with activities. Baby showers, the beach, grilled food, hikes in the mountains, camping in the woods – need I go on? In the midst of enjoying all that the season has to offer we sometimes get careless with our beauty regimens. Don’t fret! I’m here to make a few recommendations.

Pedicures: Taking care of your feet just plain feels good. If you slack on your podiatry needs, people will notice. No, we are not eyeing those cute new sandals that you’re wearing. We’re all staring in disbelief that you put them on those unkempt feet. Pedicures don’t have to be done at a salon. You can do them yourself right a t home. All you need is:

-Something to remove dead skin: Pedi Egg, callous remover or whatever you choose
-Toenail clipper
-Nail file
-Nail polish (optional)

Bentonite Clay: This stuff will literally change your skin. My friend asked me to pop a pimple (random fact – I LOVE doing that) and instead I put this stuff on it. The pimple disappeared by the next day. Stir the clay and apple cider vinegar until they change into a pasty texture. Apply the mixture all over your face avoiding the eye area, and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, you may need to shorten this. Seriously, this stuff is intense! Your face will begin to pulsate and get a “pulling” sensation as the mixture dries. This is completely normal. Wash the residue from your face and pat (do not rub) your skin dry. I recommend that you do not touch your face again for 30 minutes.

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish: In the summer months, liquid foundation is a no go for me. I turn to this old favorite. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t look “cakey.” It also gives me a slightly bronzed look that looks pretty natural. Even in the heat, this will not run or create unsightly stains.

Bikini Wax: If you don’t get these, I dare say you’re missing out! Taming the forest down below drastically cuts down on odor – which can really be an issue during this time of the year. Be leery of getting cheap bikini waxes! A good one will cost you between $60 and $80.If you frequently get ingrown hair bumps, this is a low maintenance solution. If you’re going for the first time, talk to your technician through the through the process. It makes things less awkward. For you, not them. Believe me you probably have nothing that they haven’t seen before. And really – this person is getting all up in “there.” So it’s best to relax and get comfortable with them.

Hair Trimmer: In between waxes (and even if you don’t get them), this little tool will come in handy. It’s less than $10 and can be used just about anywhere on your body. It’s small enough to fit into your purse for on the go use.

Other Tips

Moisturize from hair to toe. If you’re not using oil, use products that are water based.
-Use insect repellent. Insect bites cause itching and if you scratch, you are doing more damage to the skin that you realize.
-Always carry your sunscreen! Prolonged exposure to sun rays can be damaging and lead to skin conditions.
-It’s easy to pick up the first refreshing drink that you see when you’re hot and thirsty. Be intentional about hydrating with pure water.

I hope you’re enjoying summer so far! What things do you add to your regimen during this time of the year?

Until next week…
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