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Summer “Date Night” Ideas

OK, I admit it – deep down I am totally a hopeless romantic. I love out of this world gestures and movie scenes that make you go“well, that never happens in real life.” Even with my rose colored lenses, I know that sometimes life gets in the way and leaves us no energy to think of giving flowers or massages after dinner. The good news is, romance doesn’t always have to be about the fluff.

With life’s busyness, many couples have incorporated “date nights” into their schedules. They are a good way to have uninterrupted one on one time & reinforce a bond. A typical dinner & movie is sooo last year! Here are eight ideas to give date night with your honey a jump start!

  • Go to the museum: if you are a creative couple, this might make you happy. I always love going to different museums and looking at every piece of art. I try to figure out what an artist was trying to depict through each painting or sculpture. Sure I’m way off, but It’s a good conversation starter and can be very inspiring.

Bonus: Museums usually offer free or minimal cost entry.
Super bonus: this can also be mentally orgasmic for a history buff!

  • Get tickets to a dinner cruise: this is not your typical dinner! Depending on the host, your night might also include music and an MC to keep entertainment going throughout the evening. It won’t matter how many calories you pack in because you will be able to dance the night away! After breaking a sweat you & your date can go out on the deck to cool down and share a sweet kiss under the moonlight. (There’s that hopeless romanticism coming through again!)

Bonus: if you have an outgoing personality, you might make new friends or business associates.

  • Attend a fitness session: Maybe you’ve had one too many hamburgers this summer, but it’s okay! You and your significant other may be able to sign up for a variety of fitness classes in your area. Some ideas: boot camp, rock climbing, trampoline, biking and swimming.

Bonus: Exercising releases endorphins that put you in a great mood.
Super bonus: If you both are competitive, this may spice things up for you when you get back home…if you catch my drift (wink).

  • A hands on art class: I attended a “glass class” with a friend of mine. We were given a clear glass foundation and then picked from shards of colored glass to create our masterpieces. After layering the pieces of glass, our creations were placed into fire and melted together, creating the result below. It was something I had never done this before but it wound up being so fun!

Bonus: I purchased our slots on Groupon at a great price.
Super bonus: There was wine.

My creation. Currently I use it to hold random items like hairpins.

My creation. Currently I use it to hold random items like hairpins.

  • Visit the carnival: Still a kid at heart? I know I am. Get nostalgic amd win a goldfish or just enjoy the view atop the Ferris wheel. Carnivals just make me merry and who DOESN’T love funnel cakes?!
  • Good Eats: Alright, so at some point during date night you two have to get some food. Instead of going to a chain restaurant, try a local place. If you live in or near a busy city there will be plenty of options.

Bonus: You are likely to find one of a kind items on the menu.
Super bonus: You will be supporting a small business in your community.

  • Attend a cooking/grilling class: It would be great for me to grill salmon and have it come out with just the right balance of juice and crisp. Unfortunately that doesn’t happen. If you’re a novice like me or just want to sharpen your technique, this kind of setting will help.

Bonus: you will be able to eat whatever is cooked in the class. No extra stops for food!
Super bonus: you can stick your chest out nice & proud the next time a grill wizard is needed for a party.

  • Just stay home: Every now and then this is the best thing to do. Order takeout, silence the cell phones amd simply enjoy each other’s company. This option is the most intimate of them all.

Bonus: minimal cost.
Super bonus: you can absolutely wear PJ’s & avoid getting dolled up.

I hope that these ideas help to bring some spark to you date nights if you need it. What are some ways that you & your lover keep the thrill alive when spending time together?

Until next week…

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