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Story Behind a Photo: #1

I don’t know about you, but this week has had ups and downs for me and I’ve been really emotional. Hmm, let me grab my calendar and see if I’m PMSing.

Nah but really, life just gets like that sometimes.

So I decided to do a light post today. Something not so serious that made me laugh and hopefully makes you laugh too.

Costco is one of my favorite places. But like many millennials that I know, I was always trying to be on someone else’s account. This day was no different. A friend of mine added me to her account and it was time for me to get my photo taken for the ID. There were a couple of things going through my mind this day, like…

“Candace, you are a grown woman, why don’t you suck it up and get your own membership?”
“Man, it’s SO cold I’m sick of winter already.”
“I should’ve done this another day. My hair makes me look like a poodle.”

Nonetheless, I went ahead into Costco to handle my business.

I was probably in a good mood. Got to the customer service counter and everything was moving along smoothly. Don’t you just love when that happens? I went to stand in front of the backdrop for my photo when it happened…

A woman approached. She paused for a moment. And instead of waiting a few seconds for me to have my photo taken, she walked right in front of the camera. Yup. And she did that little thing where you duck and hold up a finger when sneaking out of church because the preacher is unintentionally exposing your sins. Like the duck and finger even makes a difference. For the record, it doesn’t!

So my first photo was ruined. This photo is me giving her the side eye with the pursed lips. Like “really bish?!” Haha. I knew my face was kind of foul when the shutter went off but the store associate printed it before I could even object. Ah, oh well.


And that’s the story behind this photo!

FYI, since then I’ve decided to be a responsible adult and have gotten my own membership. Oh happy day!

Do you have crazy stories behind any photos?

Until next time…


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