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Safety Tips & Fitness Update

It’s already the second week of August. Lord, where has the time gone?! For those that reached out to me after last week’s post, I’m coming for you! Hopefully you’re eating well and getting exercise so far this month.

Today I want to share some simple safety things to keep in mind while you’re getting you sweat on. And I’ll update you about my progress so far this month. Music is pivotal to my life; so of course I listen to it when I work out. Still there are precautions to take to prevent a trip to the hospital.

  1. Secure MP3 device: Assuming that you don’t have a Discman…when exercising, make sure that your music device will not fall or become soiled from sweat. There are many items in the market for this. Try armbands or shirts with built in pockets. Don’t rest your music player on the machine. Nope, don’t even think about it. I did this…#fail. I set my phone on the treadmill and made a wrong move during my jog. My phone fell onto the belt and was pushed onto the floor. I could’ve tripped on the phone and fallen, or worse – stepped on my phone. (I kid, I kid.) Jokes aside though, keeping your device close to your body helps prevent injuries and expensive phone repair/replacement.
  2. Use a wireless/Bluetooth headset: This is a solution to #1. Just remember to keep those batteries charged!
  3. Use warm up songs: 2-3 minutes should be enough. I start off with songs that have less intense tempos and work my way up to the songs that really get my hyped! If music is a motivator for your workout, this helps avoid overexerting too early.
  4. Not too loud: Can’t you still hear your mom saying, “Turn that music down or you’ll burst your eardrum!”? Take her advice. Technically, 90-95 decibels is the level of sound that can result in hearing loss. But hey, who’s really checking all that? Simply be mindful of your ear health when deciding on music volume.
  5. Know when to forego: Sometimes it’s best to leave the music off. I know, I know – it sucks booty but it’s for your safety. Especially when doing outdoor activities like jogging and biking, music can be too much of a distraction. Please keep safety first by choosing to be cognizant of your surroundings.

Okay, so you’re a rebel. If you absolutely must have music, keep the volume super-duper low. Or, listen with one earbud in and one earbud out.


*I lost 5 pounds this week. No lie. And no gimmicks.
* I increased my mile pace by 29 seconds!
*My trainer has banned sweets from my life for two weeks. Today is day 3. I’m sad.
*The Iaso detox tea by Total Life Changes was great! I drank it for about a week. I liked that it was prepackaged in bags which saved prep time in brewing. All I added was lemon juice because the taste was very refreshing. As advertised, it does take care of impurities within the body. So if you drink this after a day of eating junk food, station yourself near a porcelain throne. The good thing though, is that the tea does this subtly. Remember to email Tijuana Battle for anything that you need!
*Meal prep was a pain in my arse, but it kept my healthy eating on track last week. If you’re interested in a meal plan to jump start a better lifestyle, hit up Tamarah! Here are a couple of meals that I made based on the plan that she gave me.

That's whole wheat pasta BTW!

That’s whole wheat pasta BTW!




I have gotten questions about my trainer, former Washington Redskins player. Well, here he is!


Lawd hammercy!

More info about him later this month!

Seriously though…as an overweight black woman I know how important it is for me to make certain changes in my life. I really hope that you join me! Don’t grab the closest parking spot when you get to the mall. Take the steps instead of the elevator. Swap a juice for water. Small changes do add up!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post! If so, take a moment to share it on your social network timelines and motivate someone. And remember you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with my shenanigans between posts.

Until next week…
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