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Road Trip Must Haves

Last week I made my longest solo road trip ever. I drove from Maryland to Georgia and only made two stops along the way. One to use the restroom and the other to top off my tank. It was a surprise to people that I’d pulled off an 11 hour trip with minimal stops.

“Girl, you be rolling, don’t you?” That’s what one of my grandmothers asked.

I wasn’t surprised though, because I’d prepared myself for the drive with two goals in mind:
1. No more than 3 stops
2. No speeding tickets

I succeeded at both.

So, how’d I pull it off?

A diverse music collection. Can we agree that this comes in handy daily? Having this kept me engaged on the boring parts of the ride where there were no beautiful clouds or trees in sight. When I felt myself getting a bit fatigued I turned on upbeat music. It worked!

Gas. Go figure. I filled up my tank on my way out of town so I was able to drive a great distance without stopping again.

Global Positioning System. GPS chile! I know some people who still prefer paper directions and maps. But a GPS can keep you updated on local traffic and warnings that you may need to know. Using the one on your phone will work just fine. I do recommend screen shotting the directions though in case you lose connection/need to take a phone call.

Chewing gum. I willed myself against drinking water to keep my bladder in check. When my mouth was dry I chewed a piece.

Water. Okay I’m not a robot, I still needed water. However…I drank when it was about time for me to get gas. That way I could use the restroom and fill up at the same time. One less stop later!

Food and snacks. More so the latter, I prefer my food fresh. I packed granola bars and fruit.

A local leader. I’m sure there’s a real term for this, but I don’t know it and I think this one’s cute anyway. I tend to speed. So sometimes it helps to get behind a vehicle with local tags. They’ll be more familiar with roads that have speeding cameras or areas where local police hide out to catch people with lead feet. Stay behind them and follow their lead!

I’m glad that I thought ahead when planning my road trip. More than anything I’m grateful for a safe journey with no incidents!

So what do you think of these? Is there something that you need for your road trips that I missed?

Until next time…
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