Real or Fake – Which Tree is Best?

When I was growing up my family had a real Christmas tree every year. We’d load up into the car and head to a tree lot…OK it was more like the corner of a strip mall parking lot with trees already cut down and for sale. We always got the cheaper tree – no fir! Oh the memories!

But I’m an adult now and this is my first year forming my own traditions. The biggest decision for me…real tree or fake tree? Hmmm.

I couldn’t believe that I was even considering a fake tree. My mama raised me better that. But then again mama wasn’t here to help me load and carry a tree from a parking lot. So I decided to use the virtually fool proof Pro/Con list to decide which was best for me. If you’re still undecided on what kind of tree you’ll have for 2016, this could help!


Natural pine or fir smell: honestly, no matter how many candles or air fresheners I’ve used, nothing can mimic the lasting scent of a tree.

Supporting local businesses: I can’t say exactly where the trees in your local area are from. But it’s possible that they come from a small or family business. Personally it makes me feel good to support these businesses and it just might do the same thing for you!

Naturally full: real trees are so plush! I can never see the trunk and the branches don’t need a whole lot of maneuvering to make the tree look just right.


Not convenient: you have to leave home, pick a tree, load it in/on the car, possibly carry it up steps and get in screwed tightly into a base. Once the holiday season is over you have to do most of these steps all over again in reverse for disposal.

It’s thirsty: as with any live plant your real Christmas tree will have to be watered. How much depends on the size of your tree but it certainly won’t be a set it and forget it kind of deal!

The pros of real trees probably outweigh the cons for those of us who love a good dose of nostalgia! But for others…there’s the artificial tree.


Reusable: the biggest perk in my opinion! After a couple of years this tree will pay for itself and still look great if you store it properly.

Less decorating time: you can buy a pre-lit fake tree which will save you time and prevent the aggravation that comes from tangled up cords.

Low maintenance: a fake tree does shed but it’s minimal compared to a real tree. And bonus – you don’t have to water it ever.


Unscented: you won’t get the lovely forest smell from this tree. I even tried artificial pine scented ornaments. I purchased 3 of them (only .97 a piece) but they didn’t deliver.

A tad skimpy: not all fake trees fluff enough to look real. I could just tell you to make sure you get a quality tree but those also come with quality price tags :-.) (and high prices are SO not my thing).

So of course it all comes down to personal preference. Either choice will look amazing in your home by the time you finish decking it with ornaments and such. Personally, I went artificial for my first tree away from home. And I feel like it’s the best tree ever because it was FREE. Talk about a deal you can’t refuse! I tell you how I got it here

Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Do you prefer real or fake trees?

Until next time…


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