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Party-Goer Etiquette

Random fact about me – I’m always chatting it up with people that I don’t know.

That’s one reason I easily became close with the mail carrier at my office. Last week when she was dropping off the mail she started complaining about her experience at a recent cookout.

And boy could I relate!

So I decided to share some party going etiquette. We all know that person who comes to an event and draws attention to themselves. And not in a good way. Here are some tips to help you not be that person.


Don’t show up empty handed: even if it’s not a potluck.

Ask what you should bring: the answer may be “nothing, just your presence.” Still ask. If the host tells you to bring something specific, bring what they said. Don’t freestyle unless it’s in addition to what was requested.

If you’re bringing a dish or dessert – SHOW UP ON TIME: if you generally suck at being on time, maybe you should volunteer to bring something less important. Or create a habit of being on time.

Offer to clean up: this is always helpful. Hosts are often so busy that they don’t realize the sink is full of dishes or the trash can needs to be emptied.

Don’t invite other people: unless the host says it’s ok. This leads into…

If the host says it’s ok to bring additional folks: make sure your guests don’t come empty handed.

….and finally….whoo this is a big one for me…

DON’T BE GREEDY: I know the food is good, but don’t put a mountain of it on your plate. It’s inconsiderate to the other guests. People may also cast judgment that will play against you (for example, if you’re at a networking event).

There are exceptions. If you’re unemployed, disabled or on a fixed income some of these won’t apply to you. And these tips don’t apply to every event that you’re invited to. But I do trust you to use proper judgment on that.

Keep these things in mind as you prepare to hang out this weekend. It’s always great to be invited to someone’s event no matter how simple or extravagant it is. Be the type of guest that a host continues to invite again and again.

Do you have any stories to share about an inappropriate guest? Please share in the comments!

Until next week…
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