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Paperback vs. eBook: Which is Better?

Paper. I’m biased. I mean, the photo gives that away, right?

Seriously though…

NaNoWriMo is quickly approaching next week! If you have a book idea it’s a great way to build community and stay on track with your writing. Unsure what NaNoWriMo is? You can get more information here.

I’m working on a book of my own and started research on whether to release an eBook or going with traditional printing. Even though the world is crazy digital, printed book sales still trump electronic versions. Whew that was good news! Because for me, some things cannot be replaced. One of those things is physically cracking open a book to read.

Here are five of many reasons that your future readers will continue to choose a printed book over an electronic version.

Noone will steal it. Well it’s unlikely. In metropolitan areas like the DMV it’s not uncommon to have your electronic devices stolen right out of your hand. But, I don’t think a criminal would say “Let me find someone with a good book so I can steal it!” #thuglife. If you read a paper book, you’re likely to make it back home with that book.

Better for the peepers. Whether we like it or not we spend so much time looking at screens and monitors. It’s healthy to back away from the electronics and give the eyes a break from time to time. Actually, you should do this everyday.

Always alive. Have you ever been reading a really good story on your phone or tablet and just as son as you get to the really exciting part, the device dies? UGH!!! That will never happen with a printed book!

It looks better. Out trying to pick up a date? In a business environment and want to “look” more distinguished? Reading a printed book could give that impression. Otherwise, people might think you’re doing something more frivolous.

The battle of pixel vs. print is an ongoing and uncertain battle with no clear victor. The decision of book format comes down to much more than personal opinion; one must study the trends. Just know that I’m much more likely to buy your book if it’s a paperback!

What about you? Do you prefer paper books or eBooks?

Until next time…

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