Packing for a Trip: 5 Things

The Northeast was hit with a crazy amount of snow over the weekend and quite frankly I’m jealous! I love the snow, but gave it up when I moved to GA. The winter weather might have you wanting to pack a bag and get out of town in a flash! Here are some tips that you can put to use…you know, once the snow is clear enough for you to leave the house.


Don’t be that person stuck at the airport, train or cruise ship without the paperwork you need. A week before it’s time to go, pack your tickets, passport/birth certificate (if necessary), luggage tags and anything else that will prevent you from getting to your destination. As a matter of fact, pack everything early. Don’t think you can jam in a suitcase stuffing session the night before you leave. You could, but that’s just stressful and you’ll probably forget something.


Personally, I can pack way too much stuff. It’s like I forget that I’m going on vacation, not to a movie set. Doing this doesn’t leave much room for shopping while I’m away. In fact, one time I shopped so much while on a trip that I had to buy another suitcase to get everything home. More on that here. Be sure to leave some empty space in your luggage for exciting buys while you’re away.


For some reason, during vacations I think I need to have a different outfit from head to toe for each day. False! Mixing and matching works well! Pack bottoms that can be styled multiple ways. Bonus for us ladies: we can pack maxi dresses and rompers. One piece outfits are a no brainer! When you think back over your vacation you’ll forever cherish the memories that you created, not the clothes you wore.


Make sure you pack comfortable shoes and pants with drawstrings because vacations usually call for lots of walking and good food! If you’re going somewhere sunny don’t forget sunglasses and a hat.


Don’t travel with your only charger. This is especially true for cell phones. Pick up a cheap one at your local discount store (Five Below, Dollar Store).

We all need a break from life sometimes. With these tips, you’ll be off to a good start! Happy traveling!

Oh! On Thursday I’m heading to Mexico with one of my favorite girls in the whole word, my cousin Monique! Follow me on Instagram to see what we’re doing!

Do you have a ritual that you follow when preparing for a trip? What are your non negotiable travel essentials?

Until next time…


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