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Orange is the New Black – #OITNB for short, is currently one of my favorite shows. It’s a Netflix original series which means that all the episodes are released at once so you can watch them back to back instead of waiting a week between episodes. One of my best friends introduced me to the series right after the first season and I have been hooked ever since.

The main character is Piper Chapman who was living a complacent life in New York with her boyfriend Sam. She’s kind of boring to me in this time of her life. Piper lacks passion. Prior to cleaning up her act and building a life with Sam, she had a relationship with a woman named Alex Vause who made a living through international drug smuggling. Piper had almost reached the end of her Statute of Limitations for her participation when Alex decided to rat her out – resulting in Piper being sentenced to 15 months in a Federal women’s prison.

These *insert slur*  ain’t loyal!

There, Piper and Alex reunite and then – well I don’t want to ruin it for you! But Piper presses Play on the passion and everything just unfolds messily. Sometimes it’s a little predictable for me (I’m often analyzing and trying to figure things out), but still very entertaining. Here are some things you’ll see during the first two seasons.

  1. Lesbian love making
  2. A hypocritical & violent Christian
  3. Prison guards who engage in morally void acts
  4. Murder
  5. Disloyalty

Sound interesting enough yet? If you can’t get past these things, I’m warning you not to watch. There is quite a bit of those and more. My favorite characters are probably Poussey, Taystee and Red. I also love Morello. Ok, I can’t decide. I undoubtedly know who I hate dislike the most on the show though. That would be Vee. I sure hope that she is no longer around after the way that Season Two ended. SPOILER ALERT: In case you don’t have Netflix (you’re kind of missing out!) or watch the show, here is what happened…


Yeah, Miss Rosa did us all a favor with this one. So hopefully, Vee is a goner. Of many things I love how the show is not focused on only one protagonist.  Actually, Piper has faded into the background a bit. The other characters on the show have stories that are much more emotionally compelling than Piper and each person really has a chance to shine in the series. The main cast is culturally diverse and full of actors who are not yet A List status. Better than that though, is how inspiring it has been to see the growth and national recognition of #OITNB. You can see a full list of the awards that the actors won or were nominated for HERE.

Alas, the third season will be going live on Netflix on June 12th!

In reverence, I decided to take random photos of orange items in my bedroom.

Books and an elephant from Afghanistan demonstrating the strength in his trunk.

Books and an elephant from Afghanistan demonstrating the strength in his trunk.

Peek of a cute bag

Peek of a cute bag

3 things I use everyday. Journal, Nike's, Headboard.

3 things I use everyday. Journal, Nike’s, Headboard.

Just because the highlighter was orange.

Just because the highlighter was orange. Hey, why not?

Do you watch OITNB? What do you like or dislike about the show?

PS: I’m going to be pretty busy binge watching; so please don’t take it personal if your communications go unanswered this month.

I’m only kidding!

Until next week…
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