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I bet you didn’t know that I was writing a book, did you? Well if you follow me on Instagram, maybe you did.

I won’t even say how long I’ve been working on it, because I’m embarrassed. Yup, it’s been that long.

Cue National Novel Writing Month or #NaNoWriMo for short.

It’s a creative writing initiative that anyone can sign up for. The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel between November 1st and November 30th. You can create a profile on their website and connect with other writers. There are personal achievement badges and other sources of inspiration that come with creating your account and signing up for the newsletter. NaNoWriMo is a non profit so if you’re a lover of literature, please donate as your heart sees fit!

With the help of #NaNoWriMo, I plan to make leaps and bounds in progressing my novel. In case you don’t know, writing a book can be a long and mentally painful process. And if it’s your first book, like this one is for me – there’s a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about it.

Alright, I’m done whining. You can sign up to be a part of this popular initiative here. My account name is “cmcgee928” and I’d love to connect with you there. Let’s stay in touch throughout November on our progress. You can get a neat photo like the one above to let all your internet friends know that you’re working on your book! How cool is that?! I’m a book nerd, I know I know.

FYI – I’m definitely getting a head start this month!

Are you considering joining the #NaNoWriMo movement this year? Leave your profile name so we can connect there!

Until next time…
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