My Christmas Miracle

“I won’t be coming home for Christmas.”

That’s pretty much what I repeated to all of my family members, and it sucked. I was pretty much set to be in my new home (Georgia) instead of Maryland when Santa was making his rounds. Sad face emoji’s kept coming across my screen as I texted out the unfortunate news. The bottom line was that I had a work obligation on Christmas Eve and it would’ve been too late to make the 9 hour drive after I was finished. And of course, plane tickets were crazy expensive.

So I jokingly kept saying that I was hoping for a Christmas miracle so that I could go home. But I really didn’t expect anything to happen, honestly. Again, joking – haha.

But on the 23rd I got news that the person who I was supposed to meet with on Christmas eve…well…she died.

*insert shock face emoji*

Come on God, you know I didn’t mean it like THAT!

Nonetheless, because of her death I was able to go to Maryland for Christmas. It was kind of bittersweet in a way. I thought of her while I was home and how the timing of her death was in the middle of the holiday season. We had a decent relationship but if I had known that the Friday before her death would’ve been my last time seeing her, I would’ve hugged her really tightly and spent a few extra moments with her before we parted ways. It’s weird how life is strong yet fragile. How we can control so many things but at the end of our lives, we don’t really control anything at all.

I pray that “Kay” is resting well and that her spirit is at peace. I know she’s now free of physical pain and the burdens that come with this life.

On a lighter note, here are just a few of the many photos that we took on Christmas. They’re a little blurry, but we were focused on enjoying each other than getting the perfect capture!

Me & my cousins. That's my little sister right beside me.

Me & my cousins. That’s my little sister right beside me.

Can you tell that I was excited about her gift?

Can you tell that I was excited about her gift?

My sister <3

My sister <3

This isn't even everyone!

This isn’t even everyone!

I know that this time of the year isn’t joyous for everyone. Still, I hope that your Christmas was filled with that special kind of magic that keeps a light in your heart.

So tell me, how was your Christmas?

Until next time…



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