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May Mini Haul: My 4 Favorites (Where are the bargains?!)

Since it’s the end of May I thought that it would be a cool idea to share my favorite purchases of the month. FYI – I generally hate shopping, specifically for clothes. People get bug eyes whenever I say that and just last week a man told me that I was the first woman that he ever heard say that. He just couldn’t believe his ears.

Still, I had to do some shopping this month for a trip that I took to San Antonio, Texas. Along the way I picked up some really cute things that actually sort of kind of make me want to shop more often. Yikes! This post will feature a few of the purchases that I loved the most. I will also share which places had great prices. Let’s get this party started!

Leopard print suitcase: While in Texas, I did more shopping than I care to admit. It also happened to be Mother’s Day weekend. This was my first year being away from my mom for the holiday so coming home bearing gifts was not optional in my mind. I purchased so much stuff that it all wouldn’t fit into my suitcase, forcing me to buy another piece of luggage. Yay, more money! (Not really. Complete sarcasm!) I went to a neat little store called “Tuesday Morning” which reminded me of TJ Maxx without the clothes. They sold a variety of items like lawn decorations, journals, tableware and toys. You are guaranteed to find something that you like in the place. I went down the luggage aisle and saw this beauty!

It was the last one and it was kind of sticking out, confirming that we were meant to be together!

Cost: $40
Designer: Heys
Included: a luggage lock, warranty, internal vinyl compartment for toiletries and wet items, separators and adjustable straps to keep things secure during transit, 360 degree spinning wheels, handles for vertical and horizontal carrying, feet for horizontal resting.

To me, it was a good deal, especially considering that it was hard cased luggage!

Stationary set: I was out looking for a gift and found myself in Burlington Coat Factory’s clearance section. I was pleasantly surprised at the mix of things there. That’s where I found this stationary set, tucked away on a shelf above my head. I absolutely adore this set because it is original. I’m not likely to see someone else with the exact same design. It’s quirky but cute. I will soon have a home office and be able to put this to use. Look out for it in the background of a future post!






Cost: $4.98
Included: paperclips, writing pads, journal, binder clips, magnets, paper flags

No question. This deal was one that I absolutely could not pass!

Funky shoes: Still shopping for my trip, I was looking for some brown or gold FLAT sandals. This is what I walked out of the store with.


Not even close. I think they’re awesome though. That counts for something right?!

Cost: Not a bargain purchase
Store: Off Broadway Shoes
Designer: GX by Gwen Stefani (I adore her by the way.)
Included: Surprisingly, these shoes included extra heel caps! This is such an awesome bonus for me.
Comfort Level: 3.9 out of 5. Made of a very forgiving material so if your feet swell a lot, these may not be for you as they’ll get stretched out of shape. Insoles may help with that though. I technically have not “worn” this pair of colorful cuteness. This rating is based on my comfort level of wearing them around the house to test them out. I also have insoles inserted for the ball of my foot.

A Good Read: Two words – Dollar Tree. Not the Dollar Store. Not Dollar General or Family Dollar. Dollar Tree. This is the only store that I have been to where every single thing is truly a dollar. They always have cool party decorations and stocking stuffers for the holiday season. I went there in search of some little knick knacks. Unexpectedly, my heart sang out because there was a section with brand new books. Yes, for $1! I was so excited and spent a few minutes reading the descriptions of various titles. In the end, I purchased three books for less than what I pay for a cup of coffee from Starbucks. Wow.


I cannot say how touched I am by this book. “The Ghost Boy” is the true story of Martin Pistorius – a man who mysteriously “degenerated into a mute quadriplegic” as as a young child in 1988. Unbeknownst to those around him, Martin eventually regained his mental strength and awareness. For 10 years he was completely conscious of the world around him but resided in an unresponsive body. My emotions are evoked often during reading. This book is consistently candid because it’s written by Martin Pistorious himself. For those of us who have loved ones that are physically disabled, this book can be a real reminder to be both gentle and fully engaged with them – the same way we are towards people without disabilities.

Cost: $1. Really. Once again a deal that I could not walk away from.

1. Burlington Coat Factory and other larger stores have better clearance sections than expected. You just have to do the extra work of scouting these items out.
2. Dollar stores have many things for cheap. I have seen name brand toothpastes and more. You can save yourself from going to multiple stores by stopping here to see what may be offered.
3. Everything cannot always be purchased for a bargain price. If you like what you see and can afford it, treat yourself sometimes. (This is a tip for me as well!)

That’s all folks! What do you think of these items? Would you like to see another post with more tips for shopping on a serious budget? Let me know!

Until next week…

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  • Reply Charlotte May 26, 2015 at 5:16 pm

    I’m so in love with those heel, beautiful.
    And I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t enjoy shopping, even my boyfriend loves to shop! we’re a match made in heaven <3

    • Reply Candace McGee May 31, 2015 at 9:09 pm

      Hello there Charlotte and welcome to The Quirk Life! Your boyfriend sounds like a gem! Lovely blog and Noodle is so precious. I used to have a Lop named “Buster.” They are the sweetest. Come back to visit again soon! *cyberhug*

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