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Mini Beauty Haul

Confession: this is a “mini” beauty haul because I bought so much more than this.

I went to JCPenny for two reasons & two reasons ONLY.

1 – to visit my cousin  who was working there that day
2 – to replace ONE Sephora’s lipstick.

What do you think happened when I got in the JCPenny?

Sephora was there looking all pretty & bright with so many colors & brands to check out. Then I got an email about free products with any purchase. We both already know what I did, but I’ll fess up anyway. I wound up with way more than one lipstick. At least I got two free NARS lip colors tossed in the bag free for my birthday. #winning.

Then I somehow wound up in Ulta. Ok not somehow, I wanted to go in there. Remember how I told you I hated shopping? Well, that mainly applies to clothes & shoes. I love shopping for lots of other things.


Here’s what I walked away with…

A. NARS satin lip pencil: soft and creamy. I like the nude color on me.
B. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer: I use it on my lips. Whoops.
C. Sephora blush: good pigment without the weight
D. Sephora rouge shine lipstick: gives just the right amount of sheen
E. Zoya non toxic nail polish: just as good as the bad polish!

I’ve been more conscious about incorporating natural (free of chemicals) into my lifestyle. Because of my move, my entire nail polish collection is packed away. That was the perfect excuse to buy some more!

I think these colors are all perfect for Autumn and complement my skin tone well.

What do you think of my picks? Do you have any favorite products for the cold months?

Until next time…

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