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Mid-Week Mental Boosters

How are you feeling? Good? Overwhelmed? Content? A variation of all three?

Sometimes life just gets weird, ya know? But lately I’ve decided to take better care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. For one I’ve stopped working so much and am doing more things that make me happy no matter how small it may seem. Sure I’m all about ambition but before that I’m Candace. I can’t forget that and you shouldn’t forget who you are either. Here are some things that should put a smile on your face.

  1. Get fresh flowers for your home
  2. Eat a Krispy Kreme donut (or 2 or the dozen – hey I’m not judging)
  3. Paint a design on your nails instead of going with plain colors
  4. Grow a plant
  5. Put up some old photos that bring back good memories
  6. Wear matching undergarments. Girl you know we can’t tell you nothin’ when you do this. Sashayin’ all over the place!
  7. Do something that requires no thought (read a book, listen to music, laugh at memes and videos)
  8. Light a candle/burn oil/light incense – whichever you prefer
  9. Have a warm cup of tea
  10. Color in a coloring book. More on that here.
  11. Take bath. Don’t forget the bubbles and Epsom salt!
  12. Get a scalp massage from bae
  13. Actually go ahead and get a back (or full body!) massage from bae
  14. Have sex. At least that’ll make one of us.

I smiled just thinking about some of these things, ha. Seriously though mental health topics don’t seem to be shared nearly as much as fitness posts – at least on my timeline. This post is just a reminder that you must take care of yourself in more ways than one to live a full life. Hey I’m preaching to myself a little bit here too!

What little things make a big impact when you need a mental pick me up?

Until next time…



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