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Making Friends in a New City

Speaking from experience, relocating is a lot of work! When bogged down with all the logistics of moving, you might forget a very important piece of the journey – your social life. Contrary to popular belief, I’m an introvert. But I can be very social, so it’s not hard for me to make friends. If it’s a little harder for you, here are some ways to do it:

Join a meetup group
There are websites that have “chapters” all over like and others that focus on a specific demographic area like this one in DC.

You might spend just as much time at work as you do at home. I say you may as well gain some relationships from that. If you’re self employed, this could be done through networking.

Mutual friends
Maybe your current friends know people in the area that you’re moving to. Find out and get those connections going.

I know I talk about this a lot and here it is again. Go to a place where your kind of crowd hangs out. You’ll meet like minded people versus fishing through a crowd at, say,  a happy hour.

Take a compliment to the next step
If someone says to you “Hey, I love that shirt!” don’t let the conversation end at “thank you.” Keep talking. It’s so cool how the smallest chance meetings can connect people.

I’ve been all work and no play since my move, but I finally decided to go out this past weekend. On Saturday I went to an open mic event at a coffee shop and had a blast. People gave so much of themselves on the mic and I was touched by a few performers. Here are just a few of the awesome people that I met.


Chewing gum with my mouth open. How basic.

I know it’s easy to get comfortable inside our own little shells. But that just sucks frankly! Human socialization and interactions are so important in many different ways. Truthfully, when you relocate you’re an outsider. It helps a ton to have people that show you the ropes and possibly look out for you. So even if you consider yourself “anti social” it doesn’t have to continue to be true. Get on out there and talk to someone!

Do you find it hard to make new friends? What’s an effective way to build relationships for you?

Until next time…


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