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Love or Hate: Ms. Tiara Dean Product Review

Ladies, we all know that creating a flawless hairstyle takes a bit of work. My natural hair journey has been full of struggles, but one thing I’ve learned is that your styling products can make all the difference.

Today I’m presenting you Ms. Tiara Dean products. They sent me some samples of their whipped hair and body butters to try out. And ladies, you know how we spread the good word when we really like something (and even when we don’t)!


The scents I sampled. Yum!



Here you can see the actual whipped texture. Very lightweight!


The whipped texture melts with body heat. Very smooth and REAL oil.

Here’s what I like about the butters…

  1. Whipped fluffy texture
  2. Many scents to choose from
  3. Can be used on the hair AND skin
  4. Scents linger for awhile after application

Here’s what I DON’T like about the butters…

  1. They aren’t edible

Believe me I tried it. These are meant to be savored by the nose, not the mouth! Oh the things I put myself through for the sake of my readers…

Ms. Tiara Dean has agreed to offer us¬†free shipping on all orders over $40 with the code “QUIRK.” Go ahead and see what Ms. Tiara Dean is all about and choose which scented butter you can’t go without. Remember – you can buy a jar as a gift for someone else as well! These butters also come in sample sizes to try.

Happy shopping!

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Until next time…



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