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Lessons Since Being On My Own

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since I packed up and moved from Maryland to Georgia with  no job and no furniture. Just the stuff that would fit in my car. It’s been 6 months of lessons about what being an adult really means. Some things I’ve learned…

You’re on your own, kid. You’ll have to grind like never before. This is even more true if you not only move out, but AWAY like I did. If I don’t work I lose my necessities like my home, car and most importantly my good credit score. On top of that I wouldn’t be able to run back home to Mom or Dad. Reality check.

I’ll find a way to get it done. Let me tell you…when you’re in a new place without a strong support system you’ll find yourself in a pickle. But it’s what you do about it that matters. Remember that time I fell in love with a couch but had no idea how I’d get it home? Yup, those are the kinds of things you’ll have to figure out.

There just aren’t enough hours in a day. You’ve heard it and have possibly even said it. But I personally didn’t understand this until I left home. Those little things that I took for granted like…

-Someone starting dinner because you’ll be home late
-When someone else went to the grocery store so you didn’t have to
-Coming home to an empty sink because someone else did the dishes
-When you open the cabinet to see awesome snack you never even thought to buy
-Having someone to stay up and talk half the night because you can’t sleep

Yeah…you start to miss them.

Hi my name is Rosie…the Riveter. I’ve become quite handy since being on my own. Who else is going to hang my pictures or install my new shower head? I enjoy getting things done on my own time and not depending on others. “You don’t even need a man!”  my mom said to me one day in reference to my self sufficient way of life. Actually mom, I do need a man for a couple of things that I’d rather not discuss with you. Awkwarddd.

I’m truly independent. I used to think I was independent, could do everything on my own. Yet I was still living at home. I wasn’t independent. I had an independent mindset. Being on my own has given me a new understanding of responsibility and the sacrifices that must be made to make sure those responsibilities are taken care of.

If you’re still under your parents’ wing, this post isn’t meant to scare you! Living alone has brought much peace, privacy and structure to my life. Just make sure that when you decide to leave the nest that you’re completely ready to take on the big bad world.

What are some of your most memorable experiences from moving out and living your own?

Until next time…



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    […] I’d lived in Maryland my whole life. And outside of the one year I spent on my own with 2 roommates, I always lived at home. Being surrounded by my immediate family was familiar. It was safe. In 2014 I knew that moving out of state was something that needed to be done. I didn’t know how or where, but in 2015 I made it happen and it was scary. All I had was my car and what would fit in it. When I got to GA I found a cheap motel to stay in and the rest is history. Branching out on my own has taught me a thing or two. […]

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