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Influential Women I Want to Meet

March is National Women’s Month and of course that makes me smile. I’m not the type that goes gaga over meeting any celebrities (except Amy Winehouse, but she died soooo, back to my original statement). But there are a few women that I’d love to meet and hang out with for a weekend.


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Solange (Knowles)
Okay, I’d go gaga over her. Ah yes, Beyonce’s little sister. Well, that’s how some people think of her. But let’s be clear – I’ve LOVED Solange since her first album Solo Star came out when I was in high school. Since then she’s blossomed into her own woman with a style totally separate from her sister, and I respect her for it! Why I want to meet her. Basically, Solange is good for the soul. She’s conscious but sensitive, down to earth and honest. She places more emphasis on her family and things that feel good on the inside more so than being a megastar. AND she could shop for my clothes any day because I know I’d be turning heads with her fashion sense. Oh and she could decorate my apartment too because she just has that “eye.” Sounds like a good friend to me!


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Taraji P. Henson
Taraji is like the cool aunt at the family reunion cookout. You only see her once a year so time together is precious. She always has a chic gift for you, her hugs are genuine and her advice is REAL. She loves you but will also tell you like it is! When you confide in her, she will hold you down you hear me?! And she could talk to you for hours about all the crazy things that happened since you last saw each other. Oh and she’s from my hometown – DMV stand up! Taraji, if you’re reading this – I’d love to be your adopted niece. Pretty please!


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Anita Baker
This is another aunt of mine (in my head, that is. Heyyy Aunt Nita).  She would be the family matriarch. This is another woman I could learn from tremendously and her voice is absolutely timeless. Hearing her sing takes me back to the times I was a little girl. I had no idea what real love was all about, but I knew her voice. It was strong and commanding. Why I want to meet her. Its my dream to have this woman sing at my wedding. Know anyone that can make that happen? Email me, k? Thanks.


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Michelle Obama
This really needs no explanation. Want one anyway you say? Ah, ok if you insist! This woman is the black wife of a black president. The first black president. And she’s the mother of his children. And she still manages to have her own identity in society. I can only imagine how much wisdom she has to pass out to young women like me. And she has that Claire Huxtable vibe about her – like she will whip your butt into shape, get you back on the right path with good sense without putting her hands on you.

ALL of these women are gorgeous. ALL of them have solid achievements. ALL of them are black. Need I say more?

Are there any women that you MUST meet? Who’s your role model?

Until next time…


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