I Started My Acting Career!

I bet you didn’t know that I was into acting. That’s because I never talk about it. I took drama classes in high school and learned then that the performing art wasn’t one of my God given talents, ha!  I had a major role in a gospel play some years ago, but that’s it.

Every now and then though, I imagine myself in movies where it’s okay to be someone else. Where I can be a kingpin’s ride or die chick and not get locked up for it. When I moved away from home I decided to try any and everything that would propel my career and make me happy. Even if things didn’t work out and I learned a valuable lesson walked away with an amazing experience, that would be more than enough. Being on screen was one of those things for me.

So I did some research, came across Central Casting and discovered that they JUST started looking for talent in GA. I printed my forms out the night before and was on my way swiftly Saturday morning. When I got to the location I started to get nervous. Would I have to perform? What if I sucked? I told myself that I was going home. Yes Candace, because it’s rational to drive 20 minutes and park at your destination and then get cold feet without even taking a look inside. Remember when I confessed to self sabotaging sometimes? That post is here. I was having one of those moments, but luckily I got over it quickly and strutted myself in the building. Everything was still calm and I was able to skip the long line – it was full of people who were doing paperwork on site. The process was absolutely painless. The Central Casting crew was professional and helpful. I didn’t take any pictures, mainly because of nerves, but I snapped one 1/2 selfie in the car once I was able to breathe again!

If there are any projects that need someone who fits my description, I’ll be contacted. And I’m looking forward to it! All of my information is in their database now. Photos, measurements, talents, tattoos, piercings – they want to know it ALL! They even asked if I was willing to do nudity on screen. Now you know I’m not shy about my body…but I won’t spill the beans on what I chose. I guess you’ll just have to wait and see :-.)

Do you have one thing you’ve always wanted to try but never have? Spill it!

Until next time…


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