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How to Write a Bio People Want to Read

We all need biography at some point. If you’re in business, if you do performing arts….even when you die people will want to read your story. You should know yourself better than anyone else but it can be hard to take everything and condense it into a snapshot.

I’ve written bios for myself and clients too and want to share some tips that should help get you going.

Keep your audience in mind. Who’s going to be reading about you? A group of artists? Single mothers? Teenagers? The tone of your bio should be based on your target market. For example…

Jane Doe is a domestic maven who juggles a vegan lifestyle with her new journey into motherhood.
After a three year battle with anorexia Jane dedicated her life to deterring young girls from the same path.
One thing is for sure – you’ll never see Jane leave the house without polish on her fingernails!

Ok that last one was about me, not Jane. Anyway…see that? Each sentence is about the same person, but speaks to many audiences. They provoke different emotions.

Background info. Where are you from? Did something happen when you were young that molded you into the person you are today? Talk about it. Be personal and connect with the reader.

Education/experience. Do you have a degree? Have you gotten any certifications? Did you travel the world and absorb different cultures? What have you accomplished so far? This is the area where you let us know why we should listen to what you have to say.

Current and upcoming projects. What do you have going on now that might interest the reader? Have you been volunteering with a respectable organization? Are you releasing a book soon? People want to know and they will keep up with you.

What makes you interesting. If you have one of those “trouble to triumph” kind of stories, let us know. If you made a viral video, let us know. Here is another way to earn some bonus points and keep people reading.

Contact information. I recommend closing your bio with an email or social media handles. If someone reads all the way to the end chances are good that they’ll want to stay in touch with you. You never know when or why someone will reach out so make it easy for them.

And you’re done! Of course elements in your bio will be removed or rearranged depending on who you’re writing it for but this is a good start. If you don’t have one written yet go ahead and try it. If you don’t tell your story someone else will do it for you. And most likely they’ll get it wrong. Ha!

Do you find it hard to talk about yourself on paper?

Until next time…


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