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How to Gain Business Exposure as an Introvert

As an introvert I understand how challenging it can be to grow a small business. One of the easiest ways to generate leads is to network. Go out and talk to people that you don’t know – with your introverted self. Of course you’d rather be at home curled up on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea. But you can’t grow professionally like that. Hell, you can’t grow period in that case. So how do you expand your business without having a mini (or huge) anxiety attack from dealing with people?

Well I’m glad you asked, haha! First of all let me be honest. To reach your full potential in business you will have to come out of your safe place. Being an introvert isn’t a valid excuse when you have goals to reach.  If your tendency to withdraw comes from depression or low self-esteem then you need to deal with those things. From experience I can tell you that your business will suffer if the personal mental and emotional struggles aren’t handled.

Alright now that we’ve gotten that bit out of the way, let’s get down to business. If you’re an introvert but still want to grow your business, here’s how you can do it.


When I first became an entrepreneur I knew that I had to make people connect with my business.  The easiest way to do that at the time – word of mouth. Think of people you’ve already done work for. Ask them to write a review or to share a post about your business. Their word will hold weight with the people that they know.


Of course there are events going on all year and you can get in on the action. Check with the event organizer to see how you can participate and have your company  included. You could have a pamphlet placed in attendee take home bags or a banner on display at the event. These sponsorships aren’t free but you can be the judge on whether it’ll be money well spent for your business.


I’ve done this before at Starbucks. When I got to the window to pay for my order I asked the total for the car behind me (it was more than mine!) and paid their tab. The only catch was that the barista had to give the driver my business card. Why stop at Starbucks though? You can do this at any establishment you choose. And it won’t always result in a new customer, but it gets exposure for your business. One time when I did this the person actually called to thank me and I built a rapport with them.


Introverts tend to be shy. Which means that we don’t love bringing attention to ourselves. Which means that you might find it awkward  to promote yourself. You don’t want to be that spammy person. So, schedule your posts! The post will go live at whatever date and time you set so it won’t feel like you’re constantly crafting ways to talk about yourself.


Drop off some magazines at  doctors office, send money to another fellow entrepreneur that has a campaign going or host a giveaway for your business’s email subscribers. There’s a lot of versatility in what you can offer here because everybody loves free stuff! Ideally, the type of donation you make should fit with your business brand but this isn’t a must in my opinion. If you feel compelled to contribute to a cause, go for it!


Ah the famous elevator pitch. As you improve this, you’ll be able to draw people to your business quickly without having to talk too much. Sometimes less is more. Without your pitch you could wind up rambling on and becoming more nervous as you speak. The elevator pitch isn’t just good for business but also for you introverted nature. Who knew?


Again, you could make this for your email subbies or it can be available to anyone on the web. I’ve done these for the blog and my business, McGee Manuscript Group. When the school year started one August, my business email subscribers received free tips on how to get their children more interested in reading. Think of something that your target market needs and give them a freebie to help out. And of course if the information useful, they just might share the information with someone else!

When building your own empire things won’t always be business as usual. Consistently thinking outside of the box will go a long way!

What are some creative things you’ve done to grow your business?

Until next time…

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