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Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

I just want to start by saying that this post is in no way an attempt to coax anyone into buying me any of these things. I’m a writer so I’m simply giving you ideas for other writers. *insert smiling with angel halo emoji*

As with all creatively led folks, writers can be a bit complex and difficult to understand. OK maybe that’s just me as a person. Anyway the point is that it may not be easy to think of gifts to get because creatives are seemingly all over the place at times. Don’t worry though, I got you! Here are some things that any writer would appreciate receiving.


I know you saw this coming. Have you ever heard a person who loves to write say “Oh no, I have too many journals! What ever shall I do?” Yeah, me either. I literally just looked up at the bookshelf in my office and counted 22 journals that need to be filled! But if I get more for Christmas, you know what I’ll do? Obsess over them anyway!


That moment when you write in a brand new journal with a brand new ink pen…writers savor it. Maybe that’s why it seems so difficult to fill one up one journal before moving on to a new one. If you’re going to gift a pen you can get one personalized with their name or an encouraging quote. You could even get a fancy quill pen! Just think, the pen you buy could be the one that your loved one signs books with one day!


Among the list of things I’ve used in lieu of bookmarks: business cards, receipts, straws, greeting cards, napkins, funeral programs…the point is that writers always need bookmarks. And this option is super duper budget friendly!


A writer’s brain is often churning away at many ideas and we can’t always keep everything straight. I literally have lists everywhere: things to do, grocery lists, things to do that are more important than the other list. But post it notes can come in handy for things that truly have to be done momentarily. They can be put on the front door as a reminder to grab the trash before you leave. They can be used to jot down a brilliant idea that comes on the spot. And they can also be used as, dare I say it…bookmarks.


Again I just looked up at one of my bookshelves and saw the ugliest bookend. It’s a small basket full of random things like coupons and stamps. It’s an eyesore and whenever I move it my books fall over. A pair of bookends would solve this problem and I’ve seen some really creative sets!


I have two – “642 Things to Write About” and “300 Writing Prompts.” These books give scenarios and questions to make you use your imagination before you write. It’s so helpful to be able to skim through these when I’m having writer’s block.


You know how you’re reading something and come across a word that you don’t recognize? So you keep reading, try to figure out what the sentence means and hope that the word wasn’t important? Writers don’t do that. We want to know all the words! This gift would be so appreciated!


Even in a world full of electronic communication, writers haven’t forgotten the unique touch of a handwritten note, card or letter. And we aren’t going to be content with just writing it on just any ol’ piece o’ paper. I found this complete set for less than $5!

One more thing: all of these items can easily be found at bargain prices! You don’t have to break the bank to make us feel special.

What’s a special gift that’s put a smile on your face?

Until next time…


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