Gift Ideas for the Homebody

If you’re at all like me, you start thinking about gift ideas long before it’s time to even pass them out – no matter the occasion. Christmas will be here in a jiffy! I’ve already explained before why us¬†homebodies are so awesome to have as friends/family. If you want to get us them something meaningful this holiday season, the good news is that we’re usually easy to please in the gift department. Keep in mind that homebodies just love making a house into a home. It’s a place of refuge and rejuvenation for us and for anyone who visits.

A great deal of homebodies enjoy entertaining loved ones in their homes. Pyrex dishes are great for parties because they’re easy to clean and can double as storage. Make sure to get a set that has coordinating lids included.

Rainfall, pulsating, handheld – get your mind out of the gutter! This isn’t for solo sex purposes. I’m suggesting this for relaxation only. Whatever else they choose to do with it…we may never know.

This one may take some prodding to find out what kind they want. Not all homebodies have green thumbs so artificial plants are an option. If all else fails get a poinsettia during this time of the year.

I can’t even tell you the last time I owned a robe but they’re so nice to have. If you want to be super thoughtful you can gift a homebody a robe that’s customized with their name on it. I wear a size…oh wait, this isn’t about me. OK, moving along…

An electric one would be nice for a long session of Netflix binge watching. If you crochet one it’s even better. Anything handmade with love is always a great gift idea and they’ll think of you fondly when using it.

Some folks take offense to gifts of this kind. “Oh, a waffle maker? Thanks for the assumption that I belong in the kitchen. Is this gift for me or the benefit of everyone else’s stomachs in this house?!” So be 100% sure that if you go this route, you’re getting something that the recipient really wants.

We’re definitely in the e-Era but some of us still enjoy relaxing with ink and paper instead of eBooks. The idea of coming home to read and wine wind down is splendid! Be sure to gift a subscription to a magazine with a niche that the person likes (home & garden, finance, gossip, fashion, inspiration, cooking).

These gifts are just a few ways to make home life even better. Remember that all gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. From the heart is good enough for us. <3

What’s something that you gifted a homebody recently?

Until next time…

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