Gift Ideas for Planner Fanatics

Before I got into using planners a few years back  I had no clue how large the community was. Planning is more than just another hobby. For many people it’s a way of life because it gives them control over their time, which in turn decreases anxiety and scatterbrain. If you have a planner in your life trust me when I say there’s really no such thing as too many accessories for them.

They already have all kinds of planner related crap! What more could they possibly want?

Well my friend, I’m so glad that you asked.

Gift card. More specifically a gift card to Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts. I’m willing to bet that your planner fanatic is subscribed to their emails and always know about the hot sales going on. So not only will they appreciate this gift, they’ll make sure to get plenty of bang for the buck! If you know of an online planner accessory boutique that your planner fanatic likes you can check into e-Gift cards with the website directly.

Assortment of pens and pencils. Yes your planner fanatic already has enough ink to last a lifetime. So? Not all pens write the same. Some of them bleed through pages. We also like to color code things so shoot for a rainbow pack. Pencils are good for plans that aren’t solid. We’d rather erase pencil than scratch through pen.

Sticky notes/stickers. Not Post-it’s. Those are so 1990. Flamingos, people, cars, animals – sticky notes now come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and you’re likely to find something that fits your planner fanatic’s tastes. Sticky notes in the form of a list can stuck to the fridge for your planner fanatic to create a running shopping list.

Pencil pouch. Of course your planner fanatic needs a place to store all the goodies that they’ve collected over time. If they already have one you can still get another. Each pouch can serve a different purpose. I know it sounds silly but just go with it!

Washi tape dispenser. Just about all planner fanatics have washi tape which is thin decorative tape and we use it to make columns and sections in our planners. A dispenser will make your planner fanatic’s life so much easier.

Subscription box. What a fun gift this would be! Your planner fanatic would receive a box of planner related goodies every month for as long as you choose. Talk about happy mail!

Journal. Oh don’t act like you’re surprised that this made the list. I’m a writer ya know. Some planner layouts don’t have a lot of space to write additional notes so this gift can come in handy. One of my favorite shops, And Inspirations is having a holiday sale right now and here’s one of their fabulous journals. Use code “CHRISTMAS40” to get 40% off on the entire site!

Instax mini. Some planner fanatics enjoy turning their planners into mini scrapbooks. Having a Polaroid Instax Mini lets us take and print pictures in the moment so we can add memories to our planners right away.

For all these wonderful ideas, there’s one thing you shouldn’t get. A planner. Planner fanatics are very particular about which kind they’ll use. It’s really not as simple as going to a local Target and grabbing one all willy nilly. I’d recommend gifting this only under 2 circumstances. 1 – You know exactly which planner they want and 2 – they use multiple planners at one time. Otherwise, fuhgetaboutit.

What’s on your Christmas wish list for this year?

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