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Getting Started When Motivation is Gone

That feeling when you’ve hit your stride. You’re slaying goals and already have future benchmarks planned out. You’re eating healthy, your skin is flourishing and so is your hair. Everything is just coasting along smoothly…

And then it’s not. Life is full of highs and lows and every now and then you have to rest. I said rest not QUIT. Finally you have that moment when you decide that enough is enough and you’re ready to get back on the bull and keep going towards your goals. Yet, nothing happens. You have no creative juice left and while you may have moments of sparks you can’t wrap your head around them enough to make sense of it all.

Here’s what you can do about it.

Start with small tasks. If you’ve been uninspired for awhile then you probably have an extensive to do list. Realistically speaking you aren’t going to get all the things done and just looking at the list can take the wind right out of your sail. Don’t try tackling the thing that’ll take the most effort. Knock out a handful of smaller tasks first to get your momentum going again.

Identify triggers. What are the things that cause you to lose focus on you goals? It’s important to figure this out so that you can work on preventing these things from continuing to stop you. There are specific steps that I take regularly to keep me in the zone when I have important writing projects to get done.

Find support. *singing* we all need somebody to leaaaaan on. Whether you need encouragement or accountability, having a few people in your corner is priceless. If you consider yourself a loner I encourage you to try connecting with some other people that have similar interests and foster healthy relationships with them. We really can’t do it all on our own.

Make a decision. When we start new ventures we’re crazy excited and promote as if our lives depend on it. Over time our lives change and so do our priorities. Are you still passionate about “it”? If not, can you get that passion back? It might be time to have a candid chat with yourself and decide if this “thing” is something that you should continue to pursue.

What’s one thing in your personal or professional life that you plan to make progress on in 2018?

Until next time…

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