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GET BUSY! Productivity Tips to Apply Now

Last week I talked about the reasons why you might not be reaching success. Since then I’ve gotten questions from people about how to grow their businesses and blogs.

Bottom line, “Candace, how can I remain focused?!” I decided to share with you some of what I shared with them.

  1. Schedule a planning day. Once a week at least. I can’t say enough about how important this is. Have you ever said “this week I am finally going to make that dentist appointment!” and by Saturday you realize it hasn’t been done? You’re not alone! Making time to schedule your priorities is an absolute must. My planner is packed with everything that I need to do. Even the small tasks like mailing off a letter are written down. Why? Because I know that my mind can be moving in so many directions in one day. Doing this keeps me grounded in what’s important.
  1. Go old school. Use paper and pencil. *gasp* Yes, people still use them! Digital planners are cool but the people I know that are most productive still use paper calendars and books. Here’s why I prefer a paper planner…
  • I can cross out things when they’re done which makes me feel like I’m REALLY making progress
  • I can easily make notes as things change or new tasks come up
  • It’s easy to see what I’ve done in recent weeks and how those things line up with current goals
  • It’s always there even if my phone dies or a server crashes
  • I don’t have to sync on my devices;my schedule is always there and it’s always just how I left it
  • My system is based on what I want and not forced by a program’s layout
  • It might be rude to pull out a digital tool in certain settings
  • There are so many cute designs to choose from
  1. Be untraditional. I started to grow professionally and creatively when I embraced that I was not like everyone else. The tasks in my planner may look odd, but they all serve a bigger purpose. It might be that one super crazy that can bring everything you ever wanted.
  1. Get free inspiration. Continue to filter what you see on a daily basis. Sign up for an email newsletter. Join a social group. Follow new blogs. These are some ways that you can remain motivated. Best of all they’re free!

These are things that I do myself so I can say that they really do work. Sometimes when I think of everything that has to get done I’m pooped. These four things help me to keep myself on a productive path to prosperity.

What do you do to keep yourself pushing forward and on the right track?

Until next week…
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  • Reply July 31, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    Great tips! :-D

    • Reply Candace McGee August 3, 2015 at 12:23 pm

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found the tips helpful. By the way, I love that asymmetrical skirt!

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