Father’s Day is Not for Single Mothers

It’s not to honor women period.

Sorry not sorry.

Let me go ahead and lay out my parental situation. My mom is a single mother to 3 boys. I’m the only child my parents had together before they split. My father has always been in my life consistently in money and time. Even though my mom raised my brothers without consistent help from their dad I still don’t wish her a happy Father’s Day.

Because she isn’t a father and she never will be. Father’s Day is not for single mothers.

For Mother’s Day people set up on corners selling no brainer gifts. The card sections at all the stores are sold out. Good flowers all gone. When Father’s Day rolls around though the opposite is the norm. Listen I get that there’s a shortage of (black) men and their presence in families. That’s a post for another day.

It just seems like the importance of dads is watered down. Even if a man isn’t present, Father’s Day is not for single mothers.

God created both roles to serve different purposes. A mother and father’s love aren’t the same yet they’re equal and compliment each other. Mother’s being celebrated on Father’s Day? Is this a result of chronic independent woman syndrome? Is this because we’ve started calling Beyonce’ “King”? Really I’d like to know.

Us women can be very vocal about communicating when we need attention or are feeling unappreciated. We know how men don’t do that as well. Father’s Day is one of many days that we can show them how important they really are to us.

I personally enjoy being a woman even when Mother Nature feels the need to let me know over the course of days that I’m not pregnant *insert eye rolling emoji*. I have enough to deal with. I’m everything that a man isn’t. I don’t want the responsibility and weight that good men have to carry today. Father’s Day is not for single mothers.

To the fathers and male father figures: thank you for all that you do. I know your role may not always be honored the way it should be but it makes a huge difference.

To the man not in his child’s life: your child needs you. Even if you’ve been gone awhile, maybe it’s time to try making things right…

What do you think? Do you think mothers should be celebrated on Father’s Day?

PS: that’s me, my dad brother and sister in the cover pic. That’s right I’m the oldest and the shortest. We were just about to start his housewarming. Remember that time I posted how proud of him I was for getting the house?

Until next time…


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  • Reply KacheeTee June 14, 2016 at 2:55 pm

    I’ve noticed the recent trend too, but you can’t really blame some people if they choose to celebrate their mothers on that day as well.

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    • Reply Candace McGee June 15, 2016 at 12:10 pm

      Nope, whatever floats their boats! :-.)

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